Gifts for Your Gamer Friend That Are Better Than PS5

The gaming industry is one of the largest growing industries right now. There are professional gamers who are known in the gaming community across the globe. People are joining the gaming community in large numbers. Gaming has now emerged as more than just a hobby or a way of passing time for people. It has now become quite a passion for a lot of people.

Now, you might not be that involved in the gaming world, but you do have friends who are passionate members of the community. They keep track of all the games that are launched in the market, when they are launched, what their gameplay is like, and much more about the same. Now, you as the individual would have no idea about a gift that would interest someone from the gaming community. But at the same time, you as the friend would like to gift something to your gamer friend that they would cherish, and more importantly something that they would need and could make use of. 

If you are at a loss for ideas, then we are here to help you out. Here we have a list of not 5, not 10, but 15 such brilliant gift ideas that your gamer friend would appreciate and could make use of later on. We have tried to keep the list as pocket-friendly as possible. Go ahead and give it a read.

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15 gift ideas for your gamer friend for 2021

The games that they want to play they can download themselves. You need to think out of the box and give them something that they would require and that would benefit them in different ways. Here is a list of such gifts that would show your gamer friend that even though you might not be a gamer yourself you still support them no matter what.

1. First off the best gift for any gamer would be the merchandise of the game that they love. Again, this might not seem like that much of a gift for you. However, if you were to gift cute video game merch to them, it would mean so much to them. While you are at it keep in mind their favorite franchise and their style as well. 

blue-lighted glasses2. Next up, another great gift for your gamer friend would be blue-lighted glasses. Your friend spends much time staring at the screen playing their favorite video games. These blue-ray glasses would be a great way to show them that they ought to take care of themselves as well and show them that you care for them too.

game book

3. There are a lot of gamers out there and each one of them has its different fields of interest. So if your gamer friend is more into the history of games and how they are made then you could get them a book about the same. There are a lot of books out there that could fit into this genre perfectly.  4. If your gamer friend is not that much of a book reader, then you could always go for something more fun and interesting. The vibe is something that every gamer wants during their gaming sessions. The HDMI sync box would be a perfect gift, therefore. It can connect your giving console, Philips hue color-changing light bulbs, and the giftee’s TV. Your friend can now change the lighting to fit the mood of the hour.

wireless charger stand


5. A wireless charger stand is another cool gift option for your gamer friend. Your friend can keep their phone charged at all times. It is easy to set up and takes up minimum space as well.

Echo show




6. Echo show is another great gift idea. This is Alexa but on steroids. Well that was a joke but you get the idea, right? Your friend can enjoy the hands-free experience of using this echo show device.


game controller

7. Gaming is a lot about the vibe. Want to get something to your gamer friend that they would love? Then gift them a remote-controlled Galaxy projector. This will surely then level up their gaming den if you know what we mean. 

8. If you know that your gamer friend likes to play on the Nintendo switch a lot then a carry case for the Nintendo Switch would be the perfect gift for that. They could carry it everywhere and it’s a protective case so there would be little chance of the Nintendo switch getting harmed or damaged in any way.

head set

9. Another great thing that you can give to your friend would be a virtual reality headset period now this might be a bit harsh on your pocket but this would make your friend happy. You could even get a good deal on it on Amazon.

10. If your gamer friend likes to play his games on the computer, then we might just have the perfect gift idea for your friend- a mouse pad. A gaming mouse pad is one of the best things that you could give a computer gamer. The little mouse pads have very little space and it becomes difficult for the gamers to their mouse about too much. The Hawks gaming mouse pad even lights up. Why not give that one a try?!

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11. This really might not seem like that much of a gift to give to a friend, but I will seat cushion be one of the best presents that you could give your gamer friend. They would know the actual benefits of the same. These cushions do not cost as much as those ergonomic gaming chairs, which means they would be easy on your wallet and very welcoming to your gamer friend who probably would then go on to spend multiple hours sitting on it.

phone cover

12. A cute phone cover could also be quite a good gift for your gamer friend. You could customize it with the gaming stats of the favorite game of your friend. Maybe customize it with your friend’s best performance to date. You can use anything that your friend is proud of in his or her gaming career

gaming keyboard

13. Well everyone has their specifications and choices when it comes to gaming keyboards and gaming mice. So you could maybe consult your friend regarding the same or gift them a good backlit gaming keyboard this year. Not only would that be a stylish gift, but it would also be something that your friend could use.

Nintendo switch

14. A wired controller for a Nintendo switch could be another great present for your gamer friend. Again, if you want you can take the help of your friend regarding which one they would prefer to buy, or do your research and get a good deal on Amazon maybe.

15. If you want to keep it basic, you could just give them a headset. A headset with a mic is something that almost all gamers who are passionate about it would like as a gift. Also, again, that is something that they can use during their gaming sessions. 

Here is a list of 15 such items that you can get for your gamer friend. Make sure your gift is trendy and is by the style and favorites of your friend. Etsy and Amazon are good places to find such gifts. Whichever place you choose to buy these from, make sure that they are legit and provide quality products only. 

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