Samsung Portable SSD T5- Compact, Light, and More

Remember when the computers were first invented? It would take forever for them to boot. Also, who can forget the legendary Internet Explorer? By the time Internet Explorer would be ready with your search results, your zest of exploration itself would be gone. Well, those were the old times. Things are not quite so anymore, and they have changed for the better. Technology has now caught up with the pace of our busy lives. What’s more, it is even trying to turn up with better stuff every day that offer to make things easier still for us. SSD is one such thing. What is it? It is a new-age hard disk drive. If you are looking for one, then Samsung has one that you should try out. why this Samsung SSD specifically, you ask? This question was inevitable. Here it is all answered! Check out all the amazing features it brings to the table and tell us if we wrong in suggesting it! Let’s start then.

What is Samsung portable SSD t5 and is it worth it?

Samsung portable SSD t5 is Samsung’s new extendable memory. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It is our old Hard Disk Drive but in a more practical packaging. An SSD is easily portable, small in size, and has a tonne of storage. SSDs already are affluent in desirable features and Samsung portable SSD t5 takes it all up several notches. It is faster, more compact, and has storage that beats P.C. Sorcar’s Water of India.

The above of course is not enough for you to judge whether or not the new Samsung SSD is worth the indulgence and that is only natural. That is why here is a sneak peek into the features of the Samsung portable SSD t5 that will help you conclude.

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  1. Experience unmatched data transfer speed with the all-new Samsung portable SSD t5. In today’s busy life, where most of our work is based on online modes, it is very important that you have speedy data transfer facilities. This new Samsung SSD has got that covered.
  2. You can also carry along your storage with you. With the new Samsung external SSD t5, you can get speedy data transfer anytime and anywhere. It is super easy to carry around and fits within two of your fingers. Imagine the road we have traveled since those huge Hard Drives!
  3. These SSDs are compatible with almost all the devices that you would need or want them to be compatible with. You can use this storage for your smartphone, tablet, or your TV.
  4. The best part about this storage is the amount of space it offers to its users. You have about 1 to 2 TB of storage space to fill! You probably could not use it all up even if you tried your best. That kind of storage space could easily last you for about three or so years if not more.
  5. Talking about its appearance the new Samsung SSD t5 has a compact as well as pretty sturdy design. It is password protected which means your data is secure in it. So, even if you are carrying your storage along with you, your data is still safe and secure.
  6. Not only is the storage capacity of the drive amazing, but it is also quite affluent regarding the quality that it saves the content in. It is all a bunch of 4K quality videos and images and all the other things you store there in their top-notch qualities.
  7. The comfortable roundish metal designs of these little (and yet not quite so little) SSDs fit into your palm perfectly. They are available in two outlooks – both aluminum finish – an alluring blue and a deep black one. Even though appearances are not everything, they sure contribute something to a product right.

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Tech specs:

Well, the above was a general discussion on the list of features that the Samsung t5 has to offer to its users. Now if you are a tech nerd or maybe like to go through the technical specifications of an item before you buy it, then also we have it all covered for you. Here is a list of the tech specs of the item that we were talking about.

Model Code:

  • MU-PA250B (250GB)
  • MU-PA500B (500GB)
  • MU-PA1T0B (1TB)
  • MU-PA2T0B (2TB)


  • 51 g


  • 74 x 57.3 x 10.5 mm


  • 250GB, 500GB (Alluring Blue)
  • 1TB, 2TB (Deep Black)

Transfer Speed

  • Up to 540 MB/s


  • Supported


  • Samsung Portable SSD Software


  • AES 256-bit hardware encryption


  • RoHS2

So if all that you just read through seemed like a deal worth indulging in, then wait no more. Check out the stocks at Amazon Shopping Website and settle for your choice!

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