Windows 11- The New Windows 10X

Microsoft Windows has been one of the most user-friendly systems out there and continues to remain so. However, Microsoft Windows has changed a bit as well, even if for the better, since it had started its journey in 1985. With every installment, Microsoft Windows experiences improvement and sometimes even a new logo. Speaking of new logos, Windows 11 is in town. Windows has always been able to provide its users with what they want. So what are the new Windows 11 updates that it has brought to the table this time? What are the requirements that this system needs your devices to fulfill to function correctly? If you are searching for the answers to these questions, then you are at the right place. We are here to help you out. Keep reading.


What’s new with Windows 11?

There have not been any major upgrades in the system of Microsoft Windows since 2015. Windows 10 has been functioning quite well and has good feedback in the market as well. In the meantime, there was a talk about a Windows 10X. However, this talk had died out over time.

Recently, Windows launched its new update – Windows 11. The Windows 11 release date is very recent too- 28th June 2021. This Windows 11 contains quite a few overlapping features with the Windows 10X that never released. The major difference between Windows 11 and its predecessor Windows 10 lies in its appearance. Well, there are a few more changes except for the appearance though. Below is a list of all that the new Microsoft Windows 11 system has to offer and all that it will require for the same.

  • The new system raises the bar for security quite a few notches. This new Microsoft Windows 11 system enables protection high levels of efficiency to protect your data and brings down the percentage of malware by about 60%. To implement all these security features though the system would require a certain level of efficiency in the hardware that you use. Windows 11 supports CPUs that support secure boot, and have an embedded TPM, support VBS, and certain VBS capabilities.
  • Next up, the Microsoft Windows 11 system is much more reliable than its ancestors or even its immediate predecessor. The CPUs that have already adopted the new Windows driver model is supported by the OEM of Microsoft Windows and guarantee you are much more supportive, efficient, and reliable experience.
  • Moreover, this next Windows OS is supportive even in terms of the applications that you can use or run on it. This new Microsoft Windows upgrade is compatible with most of the apps that you use on the daily basis. Its >1Ghz, 2-core processors, along with 64GB of storage and 4GB of memory guarantee you supremely efficient service.

windows 11 release

As we have discussed just a few lines back, the major aspect of the distinction between Windows 10 and the present and the latest system in the market, is regarding the appearance that this new system has to offer. Much has changed in this system besides its logo. The design is a bit rounder on the edges. Some have argued that Microsoft Windows has designed a look this time that resembles the design of Mac a lot. The icons are now located centrally on the screen and the colors used have more of a pastel finish than the usual crystal clear and edgy look.

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Check your PC’s health

When we say that Microsoft Windows has brought to you a health check app, we of course do not mean that it is for keeping a track of your health. So what does it mean actually?

Since the new Microsoft Windows 11 system offers a more efficient experience for the users, it needs to keep track of the health of your PC. The main objective of this application would be to follow if their current Windows 10 computer can be upgraded to Windows 11. 

This would have been quite an inclusion but this tool is yet to meet the levels of expectations and accuracy that the users have in mind. This application has been temporarily early morphed by the Microsoft team. They have assured their audience that they will soon look into the feedback of the application and see the changes that need to be made.

This new system has already created much excitement in the market. The Microsoft team has launched the new Microsoft Windows 11 in the market on 28th June this year. Excited to try it out? What is the weight about then? Upgrade already and enjoy all the latest features, efficient zoom calls, office meetings, gaming sessions, and much more. Windows 11 has got your back! 

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