Returnal- A PS5 Exclusive by Housemarque

Housemarque is known for producing games that are not everyone’s cup of tea. Well, that is in a good sense of course. You know how some games are meant for almost everyone out there. Those are the games that are both interesting as well as simple enough to catch up with. Those would be the best choice for a beginner, a rookie who is taking his or her first steps into the world of games. That is not what Housemarque does though. You need to be a passionate gamer to master the games that Housemarque has to offer. If you are into games, then you probably have already come across the name of Housemarque which is known for its action-packed games that have amazing plots and gameplay. Returnal is one such game that Housemarque has brought to its audience this time. Want to know if it will be worth playing? Well, then this is the right place for you to be in right now. 

What is the game about?

First of all, if you hold a firm feminist point of view on life then this is the game you need to try out. The protagonist of the game is a girl, named Selene Vassos. She crash-lands on some mysterious alien planet and then goes on to find out the source of a mysterious signal. 

The good part is yet to come through.

Now, as soon as she steps out of her ship she realizes that her missions are all caught in a time loop. But that works out in her favor. Every time she gets caught in the loop, she finds logs left behind by her past self. These logs hold clues that will help her answer the central questions offered by the game

The most interesting fact about the game is that most rogue-like games are mostly brawl and minimum brain. Returnal PS5 on the contrary offers you something really deep to work with. There are segments in the game that deals with the dreams, memories, and nightmares of our protagonist. The player needs to experience all that and much more to reach the answers that Selene is looking for. 

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Why play the game?

The moment you spot the power-packed combo of Housemarque and Sony, you know that you cannot expect anything below “marvelous”, but then again, you need to know a bit more about the game to be convinced enough to try it out, right? Well then here you go. Below listed are some of the perks of playing the game.

  • The plot: 

The plot and how it unravels have to be the best things that the game has to offer. As mentioned earlier, the roguelike genre of games does not, in most cases, offer much for the brain to work on. But the way the plot unravels and the way you get to experience the journey all have a lot of deep thinking associated with it. You need to understand what is happening in the game and then act accordingly.

  • Challenging enemies:

The problem with genius is that it always needs an audience. Now you can be really capable at playing the game, but if you do not get the chance to show off your mastery then what is the point even? The Returnal game gives you that scope. Every enemy that you face has a different character. They behave differently and attack differently. Every time you fight the enemies, you need to first figure out “how”.

  • Element of surprise:

There is always an element of surprise associated with every step that you take in the game. You never know what weapons you would get, what challenges you would face, and so on. In one instance you could get a weapon that belongs to a level or two above the one you are now in. At the same time, you could also be stuck with a weapon that limits your momentum and your efficiency. Whatever the situation though you need to figure your way out of it. 

  • The portrayal:

The plot that Returnal proposes is confined in a time loop. It portrays similar situations in different settings, and after a point, it becomes tough to maintain freshness in the game. Housemarque does not fail in this regard though; rather it passes with flying colors. Every time the loop restarts, a new journey begins, which has new challenges to offer and overcome. 

One major drawback that the game exhibits, though, is that its quests are quite long and require a lot of patience. Usually, rogue-like games leave you nagging for “just one more round”. In the case of PS5 Returnal, the expeditions can be quite exhausting. Apart from that the game has almost no other drawbacks. So if you feel the game is worth a try, then don’t waste another moment! Get on your Play Station and start playing it already!

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