Yamaha Yas-108 Sound Bar- Is It For You?

Sound is without a doubt one of the most important aspects when it comes to entertainment. Having a speaker set is therefore quite a blessing. However, they take up a lot of space and that is something no one can argue about. The amount of space a speaker set might take up might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But this Yamaha yas-108 sound bar is different. It does not take up that much space and yet produces sound as magnificent as the ones produced by traditional music systems. These sound bars are wider than they are taller and this sleek design again play an advantageous role for the sound bar. As you read on you will come across many more such merits that this new Yamaha sound bar brings to the table. Want to have a look? Here you go!

What does Yas-108 have to offer?

Some of the good features of the product that the customers will enjoy in Yamaha yas-108 sound bar would be its sleek design, good sound quality in budget price, and its HDMI connectivity that supports 4K HDR videos. The Yamaha sound bars have been in the news ever since its earlier models- Yas-106 and Yas-107. Here are the new things that Yas-108 brings to the table.

  • Design:

The Yamaha sound bar is known for its sleek design. It is not as tall as it is wide. It is about 2 inches tall but covers a lot more area with its length. It, therefore, takes up a lot lesser space than most other sound bars while maintaining good sound quality. Along with its low and flattened design, the structure of the product also has an inbuilt gyroscope, that enhances the sound according to the alignment of the sound bar- be it standing upright or lying down. The item does not have any on-screen display though. It makes use of LEDs that revert back according to the settings you choose using the remote control. The product also has two 3-inch subwoofers. Bass is, therefore, not something you need to worry about with Yamaha yas-108 sound bar.

  • Features:

Amongst features, the option of HDMI connectivity would have to be the number one. You can bid farewell to that jumble of cable wires, as with Yamaha yas-108 sound bar, and yet get amazing sound quality. HDMI connection offers more flexibility and gives you the option to switch from on-board TV sounds to direct connections of say, Blue Ray players. The HDMI CEC is also crucial as it offers you the option to turn off or turn on the sound bar using the television remote too. Another amazing, almost unbelievable, feature of Yamaha yas-108 sound bar is that you can keep it connected to two different devices via Bluetooth. Even though you can play using only one of the two devices, this feature saves you the time and effort of connecting the devices time and again.

  • Performance:

As far as performance is considered there is little scope for complaint regarding the new Yamaha Bluetooth sound bar. Yamaha has been known for producing some of the best sound bars out there, and this time too, the people expected nothing less from the model of Yas-108. The model, with its charming and practical design, amazing features, and affordable price, did not disappoint the customers either. The sound is one of the main criteria that you would look for in a sound bar and Yas-108, sure enough, does not disappoint you there. Be it an action film or a rom-com, or a series with laughing tracks, the sound gets equally distributed. The new Yamaha sound bar takes care that the loud crashes during the action sequences of “The Avengers” do not damage your eardrums, while at the same time making sure you do not miss out on the soft conversations in “The Notebook”.

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Tech specs:

Here are the technical specifications that you need to take a look at regarding Yas-108.

  • Model

Yamaha yas-108 sound bar

  • General Drivers

2-1/8″ cone woofer × 2, 3″ built-in subwoofer × 2, 1″ dome tweeter × 2

  • Power Consumption

27 W

  • Dimensions

35″ x 2-1/8″ x 5-1/8″ (in front of television)

35″ x 5-1/8″ x 2-1/2″ (wall mounted)

  • Weight

7.1 lbs.

  • HDMI

1 in

1 out

  • Subwoofer output


  • HDMI

4K Pass-through              

  • Surround Technology

DTS® Virtual: X™

Should you buy it? Well, it is pretty much the best deal that you get. There are some cheaper alternatives, but they are not available at all locations at all times. So if you have already made up your mind, then waste no more time. Get your Yamaha yas-108 sound bar today at amazon.  

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