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Our home is the place where we feel the safest. However, we cannot live in this delusion that no harm can ever come upon it. There are all sorts of bad events that could fall upon your home. But you cannot live in fear regarding that either. What you need to do is to build an armor of security around your home. Now, when we are talking about protecting your homes, we are not talking about the traditional unsuperstitious methods of gnomes in your gardens. We are talking about technology. We are talking about security cameras. Speaking of security cameras, here is an absolute and pioneering wonder that Eufy has brought to us. Its first-ever solo camera series breaks out from the tradition of hub security cameras while offering almost equally good and similar features as hub cameras. If you are interested in it, then why not read on? It is yet to be released, but we do have some insights on it that could help.

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Features of EufySoloCam E40

What are the two things that run through your mind when you are thinking about installing security cameras in your house? The first thing that is on your mind is that your home requires maximum security. The next thing that comes to mind is that the installation process and the cameras should be cost-effective. Guess what? EufySoloCam E40 covers all that and more for you. If you are wondering whether they are worth the investment, here, in this Eufy camera review, you can get a bit of a sneak peek into the features that these security cameras might be able to offer.

  • It is a compact security camera that does not take up much space. It comes with the hardware that you would be requiring to mount it and a micro USB charging cable.
  • Apart from their size, another good thing about these Eufy security cameras would have to be their efficient battery. They have a fairly good battery backup and need to be recharged after about four months or so. However, keep in mind though that no power break is provided along with the camera, so you need to use a USB phone charger to charge these new Eufy cameras.
  • Sometimes we do not need an array of security cameras. It is just one portion of the house that we want to keep under surveillance. They are super easy to install and do not rely on hubs of security cameras. EufySoloCam E40 would be an excellent choice for such cases, therefore.
  • These cameras have 8GB of onboard storage each. This is quite a feature for such a small package. We have a resolution of 2K and can give quite a good footage during both day and night. The night vision however is a bit troubled, but not so degraded that the cameras would lose their purpose.
  • Amongst its other features Eufy SoloCamE40 cameras pack motion detection, two-way audio, and has customizable activity zones. It also features what Eufy calls “AI-powered human detection”. With its loud siren, there won’t be a corner in your house where it will not be heard.
  • Last but not the least, their all-weather protection system keeps these cameras safe and sound- be it rain or sunshine. Its wire-free and stand-alone built also makes it a suitable option for the outdoors.

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Cameras in the solo series

Below given are some of the other models of EufySoloCam. They will be released one by one over the next couple of months. Here is the list.

  • SoloCam 1080p Essential (E20): It is available in mid-June for $99.99
  • SoloCam 2K Essential (E40): It is available in late June for $129.99
  • SoloCam 1080p Spotlight (L20): It is available in mid-July for $149.99
  • SoloCam 2K Spotlight (L40): It is available in late July for $169.99
  • SoloCam Solar (S40): It is available in mid-August for $199.99

If you are a first-timer using a product of Eufy, it is only natural for you to be skeptical about the company. It might be your first time installing security cameras, and someone came up with this new solo series of cameras that Eufy has brought to the market recently. It was a licious offer to turn down, we agree. Well, if you are such a soul in dilemma, we can guarantee you that EufySoloCam E40 will be worth it. Well, surely there will be certain drawbacks such as the night vision and the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection that it will be needing. However, that would not flush all of the $130 that you spend on it. Eufy’s record is the guarantee of the same. You can even pre-order your EufySoloCam E40 now at Product Website .

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