Amazon Echo Show 8- How Is It Different From Its Predecessors?

Amazing sound quality and display are synonymous with Amazon Echo Show 8. Well, Echo has always been known for its top-notch performance and for delivering what has been promised. This time, even though the basic design and structure of the product remain the same as that of its predecessors, Amazon Echo Show 8 does have an edge above its ancestors such as Echo Show 5 and echo show 8. Expected to be released by this year, the new Amazon Echo Show 8 has ignited a rather fiery excitement amongst its potential users about all the new things that it is to bring to the table. Want to take a sneak peek into the new features that Amazon Echo Show 8 has got to offer? Then you have come to the right place. Read on.

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Amazon Echo Show- The Timeline 

Now before we go on to actually compare the new echo show 8 with its predecessor, let us first take a look at the timeline of the Amazon Echo show models.

  • Let’s start from the beginning. The first generation of echo shows was released in the month of June 2017. It consisted of a pair of 2-inch speakers and a 7-inch touchscreen. It was the first product in the echo show series and has quite a few distinguishing features from the other echo products, its 7-inch touch screen to name one. It could conduct both voice and video calls to users who owned the same device. Its front camera could support a 5-megapixel display.
  • Soon after in the October of the next year, the second generation echo show made its debut in the market. Its design was completely different from its predecessor while keeping the shape of the product the same. The display had increased by three inches and the speakers had been moved to the side and the back of the item.
  • Next up, again in the following year, was a variation of the second generation echo show which had a display of 5.5 inches. This was again followed by another variation that had a display of eight inches in 2019.
  • In the third generation of this model, Amazon came up with echo show 10, which is by far the biggest hit in the echo show series.
  • Now, in June of 2021, this series is back with another two amazing inclusions. The new models are echo show 5-second generation and echo show 8-second generation. Not much has changed between the second generation and the earlier models of echo show 5 and 8, except for their camera qualities.

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Amazon Echo Show 8- Description 

Amazon Echo Show 8 
Amazon Echo Show 8

There isn’t much that is brand new with this model of Amazon Show 8 second generation. Here is an echo show of 8 reviews that will help you get a grasp on the features of the product. Have a look.

  • This model has a vibrant touch screen display that is 8 inches in size. The screen offers a resolution of 1280X800 pixels and has amazing off-axis viewing angles as well.
  • Moving on to its speakers, it has a built-in pair that are 2 inches in size. The model also packs a huge radiator. It offers soothing background noises. Despite containing all this, the product is pretty easy to move around. It is easily portable from one room to another.
  • The main attraction in this model, and the main change is regarding the camera of the device. It has a 13-megapixel wide-angle camera. It can zoom in to keep you in the frame during your video conferences or radio calls. Moreover, if there is more than one person in front of the camera, the camera will automatically focus on one person as the subject and keep that person inside the frame at all times.

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Technical Specs

Here are some of the technical specifications that the second-generation Amazon Echo show 8 provides you. Take a look.

  • Brand:


  • Model:

Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen)

  • Speaker size:

2 x 2 inches

  • Screen size:

8 inches

  • Display:

1280 x 800 pixels

  • Dimensions:

20 x 13.7 x 9.9 cm

Even though most of the features are still the same, the camera quality has brought about a lot of change itself. The price tag as well has not changed much from the last echo showed 8 either, though. You can get yours today at Amazon Shopping Website .

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