Ikea Studio- A Smart Way To Decorate Your Home

Want to redecorate your home but facing a budget issue? No problem at all! IKEA has got your back. This store is known for its cost-effective but amazing collection of furniture. IKEA products cost way lesser than the furniture that its competitors bring to the table. IKEA has now stepped up its business game with its IKEA AR app. It gives you a virtual platform to design how your room would look in reality. Up until now, IKEA was known for its affordable furniture, now it has blended this marketing policy with new-age technology. Now that is a deadly combination to beat. If you have been thinking about redecorating your house lately then this application may be of much help to you. You do not know much about it, though, right? Let us help you out a bit then.

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What is the IKEA studio app? 


The Swedish retailer now offers you a virtual platform to attain your real dream house. Shopping in itself is quite a daunting job. You can never seem to be sure whether or not a certain curtain will go with your room’s color or not. What kind of a sitting arrangement would go the best with your living room is also a hard enough decision.

Do not fret, though. The IKEA app is here!

The IKEA studio app gives you a vision regarding how your room would look with the furniture you are picking. You can buy the items directly from this app now. There are a lot of options that you can choose from and the best part is that even before you finalize your choice, you can even take a look at how it would look in reality.

If this is not amazing, then what would be?!

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What does the IKEA studio app have to offer?


Now that you have a brief idea about what the studio app is all about, here are some of the features that you may enjoy while using this platform. Below we have listed down the major features of this application that make it stand apart. Have a look.

  • The best part about using this studio app is the extent of realism that it offers. Everything here, starting from the walls, the flooring is all so very real even when on the screen. The IKEA AR furniture app can detect your doorways call my windows, and all the other existing furniture in the room. Any real-world object present in your room can be detected by this app. Just in place of the existing furniture, it will please a white box as you rearrange the room and decorate the space the way you want.
  • The application understands what you need. According to your search is it will adorn your feed with products that you might need. You do not have to always depend on the application to personalize your feed either. You can personalize your feed by selecting the products of your choice.
  • The IKEA augmented reality app does not only show you recommendations of products that you might like, or does not only give you an image of how your room would look like. With the new upgrade, you can also buy items directly from the app. It lets you create your profile and use your digital IKEA family card to buy the items that you prefer.
  • The best part of using this application? It is super easy to navigate. You can browse through a variety of furniture on this app and that too very easily. All you have to do is to browse through the options available, choose the one that you desire, then point the device to space where you want to keep it in reality. you will then see a realistic image of how it would be appearing once actually seated there.

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Shopping to design your dream home has never been easier. IKEA offers you open beta access to the IKEA studio. You can now design your rooms in AR with this studio app. This app is available to both iPhone as well as Android users. If you want to enjoy this top-notch experience of the IKEA design app then here are some links that you could click on.

Download the App:

Google Play Store
Google Play Store
App Store
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