New Google Pixel Buds – The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Customization

These buds are the real deal. They are all that you could be wanting from a good pair of your buds. Music can do us good, but if you do not have the proper apparatus, then even Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen could sound like trash. To enjoy and vibe with good music, you need to have one other thing apart from good taste – good earbuds. The new pixel buds from the A-series are the exact thing that you need in that case. But how do you know that we’re not seeing it just because we need to see it? Here is how. You can go through the features that these earbuds offer and then decide for yourself later on. So if you are in for it, then why not start reading?!

Why Google Pixel Buds A-Series?

Even though these new buds from Google’s A-series are a lot less costly than their predecessor, you cannot just settle for a purchase based on that. Yes, sure they are great, but how great really? Are the words the $100 that they asked for? Here are some of the features that you might want to go through before you conclude your decision.

  • In case you are wondering how to pair pixel buds, they are super easy to set up. They take just seconds to become one with your phone. Unlock your phone, open the case of your pixel buds and then wait for the prompt to occur. You can tap on the prompt and your phone will do the rest of the work. You can also connect your Google account to the buds. This means that you can access your buds from any other device (Android device) from there you can sign in to your Google account. On clicking on the yes option when the prompt asks you if you want to install the pixel buds app you will be able to access more and sweeter features. If you are using a Pixel phone this feature would be inbuilt in your phone itself.
  • The sound quality of these buds is quite impressive as well. They gift you with ample bass and supremely good sound quality. They have good enough clarity as well. These buds also have an adaptive sound mode. This mode offers you the option to raise or lower the volumes according to your requirements at the time. For all that, again, you will have to install the app, though. You can then access the bass boost mode as well!
  • This time the buds are back with their Mentos shape. Welcome other design has not changed much since the last model, but they are certainly lighter this time. They fit perfectly well and are uber comfortable as well. You can wear them wherever and whenever you want, be it during some sports activities, or when you are lying down on your couch. This is a very important feature as there are many headphones, or even your buds available out there rich might be able to provide you with a good enough sound quality and bass but will start hunting your yours after a while.
  • The best part about these birds is that they are completely wireless. You can also use the hands-free Google Assistant mode with these buds. The pixel wireless earbuds do not compromise with the sound quality or where is the quality of the calls that you received and talk to through them. Their sweat-resistant and splash-proof built makes it available to you anywhere and everywhere. No more missing important phone calls just because you are not near your phone!
  • These buds also have a compact charging case. This is very important, as this is at the base of all the good things that you get to enjoy. If your battery is not charged up fully, you can never enjoy all the good things that we talked about till now. A comfortable and compact charging case is a must, and Google pixel earbuds in the A-series make sure that they have one.

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Are Google Pixel Buds A-Series all good stuff?

Not really. Google Pixel Buds A-Series does have some drawbacks.

  • To start, there are not many noticeable improvements or even changes that you can spot over the last model. The design is mostly the same except for the reduced weight. The sound quality remains equally good as well.
  • There are no swipe controls to manage the volume of the Buds. This is something that quite a few people might struggle with.
  • Another major drawback is the battery life. The battery life of these buds is quite average. The charging case makes up a little bit in this regard, though.

Indeed, the new Google Pixel Buds A-Series are not all good. But then again, nothing else is. You just need to weigh the pros with the cons. In this case, we see these buds are worth the Google pixel buds price that they are asking for. These are some of the best buds that you can get at this price.

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