Razer Kiyo Pro- A Webcam That Is An Absolute Delight

Life has indeed become quite easy with the advent of technology. However, if you do not have the proper tools, then no matter how good and efficient technology you are using, the end results will always have a tinge of inefficiency in it. You need to have the proper tools to make properties of technology. One of the instances of such a mismatch is when you have a great laptop with good RAM, battery backup, and display, but do not have a good enough webcam to go with it so that you can indulge in efficient sessions of video conferencing or use the same while playing games. We have the webcam of your dreams right here. It has the amazing image quality and customization settings. Here is all that you might want to know about the webcam. Keep reading.

What is Razer Kiyo Pro?

The Razer Kiyo Pro is one of the best webcams out there right now that offers you videos that match professional standards come on that you can use for video conferencing and during your live streams. It gives you crisp and clear-quality images in any given lighting condition. The item is mostly popular among gamers who are thriving to make a better place and name for themselves in the gaming world by using it during their live streams. The webcam has another set of an audience too who just want better video quality. If you belong to any of these categories, then we gave just the thing for you.

We understand that it is difficult to arrive at the right choice when you are about to purchase a product. So we have brought to you a list of the things that Razer Kiyo Pro offers to its users. These will certainly help you see whether or not Kiyo Pro is ticking all the boxes for you and then arrive at a decision.

  1. Even though one should never judge from appearances, but that is what we notice first about anything or anyone. In the case of Razer Kiyo Pro, the appearance is something that you will certainly get stuck on immediately- not just because it is way larger than webcams usually are, but also because of its mesmerizing outlook. It looks like one of those DSLR camera lenses and even comes with an additional multifunctional and adjustable mount. You can set it on the mount and use it separately on a tabletop using a tripod maybe.
  2. The main attraction of Razer Kiyo Pro is the amazing video and audio quality that it provides. It can deliver 1080 be videos at 60 frames per second, and that too without compromising with the image sharpness to even the minimum levels. This is not only an improvement over the last model of RazerKiyo webcam but also over all the webcams that have existed to date.
  3. Not only is this Razer webcam a huge improvement over inbuilt cameras that exists on most gaming laptops, but the webcam also has the capability to provide HDR videos as well. However, and of course, they are reduced to 30 frames per second under the HDR settings.
  4. The webcam also has an adjustable field of view. This is something that users dig and not without good reasons. You can choose between three presets, namely – narrow, medium, and wide. The narrow field of view offers an 80° field of vision, the medium offers 90°, and the wide field of view offers 103°. If you want to change your angle mid-video, all you need to do is just tap on the settings.
  5. Lastly, the product is very easy to use as well. It would not have been much good for the audience if all of these amazing features were so very hard to use that they were in fact practically rendered useless. Razer Kiyo Pro keeps all that in mind and lets you meet all the changes very simply and easily. You can add just basic Razer camera settings such as contrast, saturation, and brightness as well as can look into the settings of sharpness, aperture, and so on under the section of advanced settings.

Tech specs

Here are some tech specs that might further clear up your idea about the product.


1080p at 60 FPS (or at 30 or 24 FPS too)

720p at 60 FPS

480p at 30 FPS

360p @ 30 FPS


Wide- 103°

Medium- 90°

Narrow- 80°


2.1 Megapixels


1920 x 1080

  • Connector Type

USB 3.0

  • Item Weight

0.43 Pounds

The price of the item might be a bit extravagant but it is worth all that it brings to the table. In fact, that might be just one flaw. All in all, however, this is a great deal to go with. If you agree, then click away and buy your own Razer Kiyo Pro at Amazon Shopping Website

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