Gabb Wireless Phone- A Smart Way to Keep Your Kids Safe

Phones have indeed made our lives a lot easier. Now, we cannot even think about a situation where we cannot use our phones to communicate over great distances. However, improving technology in our smartphones is also a source to various kinds of ill. A range of information, be it good or bad, becomes available to us via just a click or a tap of our fingers. Well, this is something that we as adults can handle. But there are times when we need to provide our children with such a device as well, merely for the purpose of communicating with them, being in touch with them when they are not with us.

Children would not know better. They are therefore way more vulnerable to the ill effects of the technology that phones nowadays offer. Gabb Wireless phones see to the fact that no such issues come in between you and your desire to reach out to your child whenever you feel like it. Gabb brings to you such a phone that will enable the children to be in touch with you while protecting them from the harms of the online world. Want to know more about these phones? We have it all laid out for you.

What are Gabb wireless phones?

Gabb Wireless phones
gabb wireless phone

Being a parent is not easy. There are all sorts of things that you start to worry about once you become a parent. One cause of worry that all parents share worldwide is about the safety of their little ones.

As a parent, you would want to keep track of where your child is at all times. But as soon as you hand over that phone to your child, you are hit with multiple arrives of anxiety. At the same time, interfering with their usual social lives, and limiting their resources is not a healthy parenting method. That would just make them more interested in the stuff you are hiding from them, and may even urge them to take on various other, often unhealthy means to experience the stuff you are hiding from them, even if for once.

Gabb Wireless phones grant you the opportunity to keep an eye on your child and communicate with them over the phone, without directly trespassing on their privacy. These forms do not have any access to cellular data. Internet access therefore can be totally restricted on these phones, without for you to implement the same separately. These forms also do not offer any games to be played, therefore bringing down the screen time of the children as well.

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safe phone for kids

Why Gabb wireless phones?

We’ve already discussed the main aim of the Gabb phones. Here are some of the other features that the device offers you.

  1. These phones have all that a regular phone has, except for a network connection. They have a voice recording app, a gallery where they can check out the photos that they have clicked, a calendar app, and so on.
  2. The prices are affordable too. The Gabb wireless z2 is now available at just $100 which includes activation and shipping as well. The basic Service plan costs about $20 per month and also offers unlimited talk time and texts on a nationwide 4G LTE network.
  3. Even though, comparatively a newer concept in the market, Gabb safe phone for kids are already available in the contiguous 49 states. That is quite a growth.
  4. Gabb Has excellent customer support as well their website and the votes back with instant messages and assistance whenever asked for the same.

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Are Gabb wireless phones all good?

By now, you might be wondering, this is a really great deal, but at the same time might be wondering that does this device have no drawbacks at all, then? They do, though.

One of the major drawbacks of these phones is that they do not have the option of tracking. There are many tracking apps out there that can help you keep track of the physical position of your child period since these phones do not offer an Internet connection, tracking the position of the device is totally out of the question.

However, no Internet is in fact a greater positive than a negative, though.

Overall Gabb wireless phones are an excellent option. Parents can provide the kids with phones that provide a certain level of entertainment while reducing apps that may keep them distracted for long. These phones are an excellent way to teach children responsibility without their parents having to nag them all day long. Encouraged by so very and many Gabb phone reviews, Gabbhas already started working on its upcoming smartphone with an Android OS, and is expected to be seen and the market and the near future.

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