Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch – Is It Worth The $350?

Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches had experienced quite positive feedback on their debut in the market back in the year 2019. These watches have been doing pretty well in their intended market, providing the people with what they want. This time too it has brought quite a few improvements to its new model. However, are the changes in the new model from the previous one worth the change in the price? Well, this new model does not bring many changes to the table. Even though the few changes that it offers make quite a difference, the hike in the price is something that many have an objection to. That is also probably why Fossil decided to launch the new model under the same series, and not a new generation altogether. Let’s delve a bit deeper into this context.

What are the improvements? 

Fossil Gen 5 reviews have always been quite positive ever since the debut of the first model of the series in the market. This time too Fossil has brought some note-worthy improvements in its new model. Below we have listed some of the good things that this model offers to its users.

  1. Firstly, even though the design has not changed vastly over the last model in the series, Fossil Gen 5 LTE does have a great display and design. The dial is big enough to have a proper look at the screen, and the overall design is quite magnificent too. It has a certain style quotient to it.
  2. Next up, the model has custom battery modes. The benefit of using custom battery packs is that the designers have more space for play. They are also safer and have better reliability.
  3. This new model of the smartwatch by fossil has a heart rate sensor and GPS as well. It also has an NFC. All these new technologies embedded in its system make it a smarter choice for today’s life.
  4. The watch also has a built-in speaker or mic. The screen of the watch always shows you the battery percentage and the weather.
  5. The best part about this 5th generation fossil smartwatch is that it also has an LTE connexion. This is the major change that this model brings to the table. You no longer need to carry around your phone all the time with your smartwatch. The LTE connexion enables you to send as well as receive messages from your smartwatches directly. You can also hook it up to your music systems and fitness apps. The possibilities and the portability are widespread.

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What are the drawbacks to Fossil Gen 5 LTE smartwatch?

Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch
Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch

Nothing that exists is completely good or bad. Every product has its specialties and shortcomings. As you scroll down you will see some of such shortcomings that the Fossil smartwatch Gen 5 has.

  1. First and foremost the watch Has some technical shortcomings. It cannot be connected to your iPhone. The watch is exclusively for the Verizon network only.
  2. The battery life of the new cellular smartwatch is not quite that good either. It will last just about 24 hours and a bit more maybe. Well, but of course, you can always recharge it later.
  3. Both of the above aspects of the new LTE smartwatch bring us to the next demerit of the watch- that is the price of it. The watch is available to us for about $350.00. Now, is the watch worth all that money?

Technical specs

Next, let us come to the technical specifications of the watch. If you want to buy the item, you need to have proper information about the technical specifications of the product, and see whether or not it ticks all your boxes.

  • Brand


  • Model

Gen 5 LTE

  • Release date

January 2021

  • Model Name

Gen 5 LTE

  • Compatible Device


  • Operating System

Wear OS

  • Dial Shape


  • Dial Material

Stainless Steel

  • Display Resolution


  • Display Size


  • Display Type


  • Size


  • Touchscreen


  • Water-Resistant


  • Sensor

  1. Accelerometer
  2. Altimeter
  3. Compass
  4. Gyroscope
  5. Off-body IR
  6. PPG Heart Rate
  • Battery Life

24 hours+

  • Rechargeable Battery


  • Charger Type


  • Other Features

  1. Google Fit
  2. four battery modes
  3. integrate with car
  4. Google Pay
  • Call Function


  • Bluetooth


  • Wi-Fi


  • GPS


  • RAM


  • Internal Memory


  • Number of Buttons


  • Price


There you go! That is all that you will need to know if you are going to buy the product. To make things even easier for you, here you go- Buy Now. Buy your own Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch today.

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