Samsung Galaxy Watch 4- Release Date, Specs, and More

Samsung has always been known for providing its customers with the best, that too at affordable rates. In the disastrous year of 2020, Samsung had released its galaxy watch 3. Unlike the year, though, the device of very well received. You would think the developers at Samsung would take a break after such a success, right? But, what is technology without the zest of thriving on? So Samsung thrived on and now it is all set to launch its new Galaxy Watch 4 in the market in 2021. If you are someone who likes to be up-to-date with what is new in the technology world, or maybe you just want to buy the new item and wanted to check out its specs first, we have just the thing for you. Let’s start with the features of the items.

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What are the features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

Before you go on to buy a product (especially a costly one), it is only smart to first take a look at the different features that the item has to offer. Here we have listed all the expected improvements, upgrades, and new features that the public may enjoy. Read on and see if the new Samsung watch is worth the $400 (estimated starting price)!

1. Design:

Samsung does not usually make any drastic changes to the designs of the range of its wearables. The design of galaxy watch 4 can, therefore, be assumed to remain the same. This item brings back the circular dial and the rotating bezel. Some sources say that the model will be available in either of the two (or both sizes), namely Galaxy Watch 4 (42mm) SM-R880 and Galaxy Watch 4 (46mm) SM-R890. If this information is indeed true, we will be seeing a larger model than the last Galaxy Watch model of last year, which was a 45mm model.

2. Performance:

The 46mm model of the newest Samsung Galaxy Watch does not only surpass the previous model in terms of size. This new model is also rumored to have better battery back -up. The one which is 46mm in size is expected to have a 350 mAh cell (10 mAh more than the previous 45 mm model). You can therefore be sure to enjoy at least 5 to 6 hours of continuous service. The other rumored size of the galaxy watch 4, however, is predicted to experience a decrease of 7 mAh. The product is also expected to harbor some upgrades and new inclusions in the department of its health-monitoring features too. There was a rumor doing the rounds of the market that the new product would bring with it a feature by which one could measure the blood sugar levels in one’s body. However, a piece of recent news tells that Samsung has forgone the idea for now.

3. Functionality:

Significant changes are expected in this department. News has been circulating in the market for quite some time now that Samsung might shift to Google’s Wear OS from its former in-house Tizen OS. However, many believe that this would eventually get revised as shifting from its former Tizen OS to a completely new one would mean huge changes in Samsung’s latest wearable product. The foundation that Samsung had developed over the years with the OS that it had developed and controlled is also a major aspect to be considered here. All that said and done, though, it is almost certain that Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 would experience a shift from Tizen to Wear OS since the news has been repeated quite a few times from numerous sources.

The product is said expected to be released by the first half of 2021. The Samsung watch release date is estimated to be around the month of August of this year. The new Samsung watch is sure to turn some heads this year. Even though not much about the item is known as of it, it is expected to surpass its predecessors. After all, it’s Samsung! What can you expect from them, if not the best?!

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