The Equinox Trainer App- Helps You Achieve the Body Of Your Dreams

You should love your body as it is. There is no need for you to embark on the journey of “fitness” just for the sake of fitting into the social standards of beauty and beautiful. That is, anyway, not what fitness is about. Fitness is about maintaining a healthy body which would eventually lead to a healthy mind as well. So, you can be quite conventionally slim and yet indulge in regular exercise. You can also start exercising because YOU think that losing a bit of fat from your body is necessary for a healthier lifestyle. What we are trying to get at is that people can start exercising because of a variety of reasons, with the writings of agendas at hand. Therefore, what becomes crucial in such agenda-centric workout sessions, are the kinds of exercises you opt for. How to decide that? The equinox trainer app is there to help you out in such moments of crisis. How? Keep scrolling to know more.

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equinox fitness app
equinox trainer app

What is the equinox trainer app and what are its features?

The equinox trainer app is a responsive web-based application using which you can reach out to trainers who can then help you in your training sessions. The trainers there can guide you regarding your workout plans for the upcoming weeks and months. On this app, you can also track your past sessions and report your feedback. Sounds quite interesting, right? If that is so, and you are already considering installing the application and giving the healthy lifestyle a chance, then keep reading. We are going to take a look at some of the salient features of the app and what it brings to the table.

  1. The best thing about the equinox trainer app is the level of personalization that it offers. It greets you by your name and also keeps on reminding you about your upcoming plans as well. This ensures an engaging experience that also betters your workout sessions.
  2. Equinox fitness app does not only personalize your app experience but also appoints personal trainers for you. These trainers know their jobs. They can build a personalized routine for you, keeping your goals in mind. The trainers also keep in mind that your growth does not reach a plateau, and ensure that you experience a steady rate of growth towards achieving your target.
  3. Another great thing about using the equinox app is that you can take your training anywhere and everywhere with you. You can be at your home working out and your trainer could still help you out regarding the same. By using the equinox platform you can keep up with your fitness lifestyles both inside and outside of the club.
  4. The application also helps you overcome one of the most difficult virtues while following a routine- consistency. Equinox keeps track of your growth and holds you accountable for the same. It is difficult to be slacking around with Equinox on the guard.
  5. Another one of the merits of using the equinox platform is that it is quite smart and has a user-friendly interface. Its streamlined navigation makes it easy for you to find the routine and exercises that fit your set agenda in a simple and fast manner. The application also, over time, learns what your favorites are. Depending on that it starts to scale and show you exactly what you could be looking for.
  6. The equinox workout app does not however become the sole controller of your workout routines. It lets you decide which instructors you would want to be trained under and also lets you find the classes that you feel would be perfect for your case.
  7. The application also offers you a space to provide feedback regarding the classes that you have attended. You can read the service you have got and suggest any changes regarding the same. You can also get to know more about your trainer from the application before you start working out under him or her.
  8. Not just exercises, you can also find enough resources for a proper meditation session. It will help you relax and improve your concentration power.

Fitness to equinox is more than just some leg and core exercises. Fitness classes on this platform are a total package created and developed for the best of the interests of the users. Want to kick-start your healthy lifestyle? There is no better app than this one. Download the equinox android app at google play store and for your iPhones at apple store today! The app is free to download. you need to pay the membership fee of course, though. How much is an Equinox membership fee? It starts from about $2,200 a year along with an initiation fee of $500 in the beginning. Well, yes, the fee is a bit high, but then again, the service is top-notch too.

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