A19 Nanoleaf Bulb- A Smart Bulb for a Smart Home

With technology taking a toll on almost all of your home appliances, the homes have now become what is justly referred to as smart homes. Your smart home, however, requires smart enough lighting to properly enhance all that is on display. Nanoleaf bulbs are a vibrant way to do exactly that. not only can you control the intensity of the lights of these bulbs, but you can also control their colors and how they would emit their light. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well if you are thinking about purchasing one of these, here you will get all the information that you would require to make up your mind.

Features of Nanoleaf Bulb

Nanoleaf bulbs
A19 Nanoleaf Bulb

If you are not quite acquainted with how technology works, you need not worry about Nanoleaf bulbs. They provide you a smooth introduction to the life of smart lighting. Their multi-faceted unique bulb design guarantees only the best colors to properly illuminate your room. With brightness high enough to throw light on every accessory in the room. With Nanoleaf, you get to customize your room and change it from your workspace to your gaming room in a blink of an eye. Below given are some of the basic features of the product that you can enjoy upon purchasing it.

  1. These A19 bulbs are color-changing. You no longer need to keep an area of light bulbs of different colors to glorify different parts of your rooms, or different rooms altogether. You can change it do any of the vibrant set of colors provided and change the entire appearance of your room.
  2. The LED bulbs also have an adaptive lighting feature. This feature will leave you awestruck. Using this feature the bulbs can just their color temperature. If that is not amazing, then what would be?!
  3. You can also customize these smart bulbs with your voice. You can also make use of the Nanoleaf app that is available. Every time you want to change a setting, all you have to do is to use your voice and command the setting that you desire. The application is compatible with Google Assistant as well as Siri.
  4. Low latency further improves the performance of these bulbs. They also have a quite trustworthy connection range. All of it guarantees a seamless experience of controlling and adjusting the Nanoleaf bulbs.
  5. These Nanoleaf light bulbs are also compatible with a range of, and almost all Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, and even Apple Watch models.
  6. In the blog, we have already mentioned the Supreme design of the device. These bulbs have a 4.4 × 2.4 inches dimension. This makes the installation of these bulbs super easy and flexible as well. They can fit almost anywhere in your room.
  7. The design of the bulb also makes sure that every corner of your room get the light that it requires. Its unique design enables it to uniquely distribute its light to every part of your room and illuminate every one of the accessories present there, exactly as they should be illuminated to make the best of your room’s appearance.
  8. Furthermore, this device is a threading device. Thread devices create a network between themselves rather than creating a network only with the main access point individually. This reduces the use of any third-party service between you and these bulbs to the minimum.
  9. Another perk that you can enjoy upon using this light bulb is that they are super easy to install. All you have to do is to take it out of the box and screw it into the land that you desire. Then you need to scan the QR code that is provided on the device and that is it. The bulb will thereafter decide the connection that is best for it and set it to work.

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Last but not least one of the best things about these bulbs is their price. They cost just about $20 per piece. This is similar to the basic Philips Hue white bulb. It is quite difficult to get hold of an LED that will guarantee supreme performance as well as not burn a hole in your wallet. But here is the solution that you could be looking for A19 Nanoleaf Bulb1. Get yours today at Apple Store.

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