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In today’s times, there is not one person who does not know about social media apps. There are so many of them now that it is, of course, impossible to keep track of every single one of them. But you should at least know about the top ones, right. Today, we have brought to you one of the best social media apps that you can use. The name is Clubhouse App.

It has a foundation similar to other social media apps, obviously but has some exclusive features too. The fact that you are reading through these lines implies that you have come across the name of the application somewhere already and now want to take a look at what it exactly is. Well, then allow us to do the honors!

What is the clubhouse app?

The clubhouse app is like the elite club but virtual. If you are acquainted with the concept of an actual clubhouse, this would not be very hard for you to get a grasp on.

The app is a social media platform that works on invites. You cannot just join the platform yourself. You require an invite to become a member of the association. Upon joining you will be given a choice to select the kind of field you are interested in. The software would then provide you conversations and conference calls that are being held virtually among individuals sharing common interests, in which you could take part too.

The platform comprises of characteristics of talkback radios and conference calls. The social media app is based on audio and allows people with common interests to bond and exchange related information. The app, therefore, serves as a filter between the internet and yourself, connecting you to and brings you information related to your fields of interest only.

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How to join the platform? 

The clubhouse social app has been in existence since the early half of 2020 when it was launched by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson. But it came to the limelight only recently when Elon Musk held an audio chat over the app. The existence of the application is, remains a little known fact, though.

You might be wondering if this app is indeed so good then how come so few people know about it. The reason behind that is quite simple. You cannot just download the app, create an account and become a part of the association. You need a clubhouse app invite. You need someone from within the association, an existing member to send you an invite. Only when you accept that invite will you be able to become a member of the social media platform. Since almost every other person cannot have such contacts, it is only natural the reach and popularity of the application remain limited to date.

People with no such connections inside the platform can only download the app, and register and wait for an invite. When existing members see that a new member has entered the waiting list, they can then consider spending one of their two initially allotted invites, ask you to join, and only then can you become a member of the clubhouse.

How to find your way through Clubhouse?

Now once you are a member of the platform, what is the first thing that you need to do? How do you find your way through the crowd? As a newcomer, you are entitled to be muddled about the entire situation. You need not fret, though, as we are here to help. Let’s start from scratch.

  1. First, you need to track down and accept an invite. You can do that by creating an account for yourself on the app and registering yourself on the same. Once an existing member sees a new member on the waiting list and sends you an invite, accept it to become a member of the club.
  2. Next, you will a list of topics that you can choose from. Select the topic(s) you are interested in and follow existing users who share common grounds of interest with you.
  3. You will be asked to set up your profile, where you are needed to provide details about yourself including things and discussions you are interested in.
  4. Once your profile is set, you can thereafter go on to explore the landscape- enter rooms, enter meetings, leave rooms, ask for permission to speak, and even make your room and invite your friends, and so on.
  5. There is also scope for you to check out upcoming rooms which might be of interest to you and enter them once they open. you can also invite your friends now, but remember even the members are initially allotted with two invites only.

Development is still going on regarding the interface of the app and on making the app available to a larger section of people. The developers have also, even though only recently, launched the android version of the app in the market. You can download the app for free from  Google Play Store for Android and from Apple App Store for iPhone.
Download the App:

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