Apple Airpods 3- The Secret Is Out!

The entire world is at a standstill, trying to combat a deadly pandemic. But even that cannot stop Apple from providing the best to its users. Apple has always been known for its brilliant customer service and satisfaction. This time too, the Airpods 3 is all set to rock the market. Want to know a little secret? We have brought to you a list of some of the top changes that you can enjoy on AirPods 3 and some of the improvements from AirPods 2 that you can spot. Ready for a sneak peek? Let’s not wait for Christmas then, and start scrolling.

Airpods 3 features:

Airpods are wireless earbuds that are Bluetooth connected to your device. They usually pair the best Apple iPads or iPods. However, you can use them with almost all devices provided you can connect the two over a Bluetooth connection.

Apple was a pioneer in this field and has already launched two models of such AirPods. This time it is back with a new model and it is allegedly an improved version of the former one, even though most of the physical features of these two consecutive models are similar. Here is taking a look at what features it has to offer this time.


Apple has always been known for its uber classy designs of whatever device they bring to the market. This time is no exception. Apple AirPods 3 is known to have an appearance similar to that of AirPods pro. These 3rdgeneration AirPods are estimated to have shorter sterns and better sound quality. They have still not been able to do away with the containers though, so you need to keep on carrying them around. The containers now have become wider to accommodate the new design. There are also rumors about whether or not the new AppleAirPods are going to have silicon tips. They are also rumored to fit into our ears without an ear tip.

Pro features: Airpods 3 is said to have certain pro features imbibed in it too. Most of the features regarding the appearance of the AirPods are in sync with the AirPods pro design. The third-generation AirPods are to a certain extent a hybrid of the pro models and the AirPods. From the little news that is available about AirPods 3, it can be said that they will probably showcase a balanced blend of both, the AirPods pro as well AirPods 2.

Internal hardware:

Airpods 3 is also said to have some changes regarding their hardware planned. The AirPods are said to have a better range, owing to the new (rumored) wireless chip and better sound quality too. Some changes in the hardware also hint towards better battery life. This increment in the battery life might not be immense, but baby steps are still steps. Airpods 3 is also said to retain quick connectivity capabilities with other Apple devices and the hands-free “Hey Siri” mode.


Should you buy Apple AirPods 3?

3rdgeneration AirPods
Apple Airpods 3

Well, there is not much information available about this device. With much of the data still in the mist, it would not be fair on our part to supply you with a definite conclusion regarding whether or not you should indulge in the purchase of AirPods 3 once they hit the market.

However, we can keep you equipped with some preliminary information about the same, which could help you to start formulating a decision. First, let us start with the AirPods 3 price. The price, like most of the other features of AirPods 3, falls in between the price of the pro models and the AirPods 2. They are destined to be around $199, which is halfway down from the price of the pros model, and halfway up the price of the AirPods 2. This is again subject to changes, if and when more features get incorporated into the AirPods 3.

Now, as far as the design is concerned, well, yes, you can expect to see quite a few changes there. The few of the changes we know of till now are regarding the ear tips and the shorter sterns (which would automatically mean a change in the container size). The colors in which the AirPods 3 would be available are however in utter darkness even now.

Airpods 3 release date is something that is yet to be known. But news about apple’s new AirPods hitting the market in the first half of the year 2021 has been doing the rounds for some time now. If you still have some questions regarding Airpods, and their various features you can always take a peek at Apple’s official site BUY NOW

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