Samsung Keyboard Trio 500- The Future Is Here

The future is here! Samsung Keyboard Trio 500 is the new invention of Samsung. Samsung has always been known to be a pioneer in its field of expertise and has always provided top-notch yet affordable items and services. This time it is here with personal best of all times. This Bluetooth keyboard for smartphones and tablets can be used on three different devices at the same time and you can shift between those devices as and when you want. Sounds surreal, does it? Well, not really. Here are some features of the device that you can enjoy.

What is Samsung Keyboard Trio 500?

Samsung Keyboard Trio 500 is the new invention that Samsung has come up with. It is a wireless keyboard that you can carry almost anywhere. It is super easy to carry and can fit in your bag. The best part about this device? You see, a wireless keyboard is not a brand new concept. But before, you could use one wireless keyboard with the only device. Well, not anymore!

With Samsung’s new keyboard trio 500 you can use the same keyboard, at the same time, with three different devices. You can also shift between the three devices as and when you want, that too with supreme ease.

The keyboard has 78 keys and weighs 412.3 grams. It is also quite small (and hence easy to carry around)- 280.4 x 127.4 x 15.4 millimeters. It takes two AAA batteries to work. Even though it does not have feet that would let you rise it to a certain, it itself has a slanting design. It gives you a rather good positioning for hands and fingers while you type.

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Features of Samsung Keyboard Trio 500

Samsung Keyboard Trio 500
Samsung Keyboard Trio 500

What is new with this invention though? Is it made of gold? Well, no, but the features that it has are as worthy as gold though. What are they? We have brought the answer to that to your fingertips. Scroll on.

1. Easy portability 

The keyboard is just the size that you need it to be. No matter what size of a bag you carry, there is little chance that the device would not fit into it. Also, it is literally just one item. You can even carry it in your hand depending on the distance between your initial position and final destination. It has no mess of wires everywhere.

2. Use at once with multiple devices

Wireless keyboards have been in the market for quite some time now. But what sets Samsung Keyboard Trio 500 apart is that the keyboard with three different devices at the same time. You can use the keyboard with your PC, tab, or your mobile. All you need is a Bluetooth connection.

3. Easy to shift

You might be thinking as to how you could shuffle between the devices to which the keyboard would be connected to. Well, the developers and the manufacturers have it all figured out. It is also super easy to shift between the devices. The F7- F9 keys will do the trick for you. You can also, if you want, map the three hotkeys to your preferred applications.

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There are not many disadvantages regarding this Bluetooth keyboard for Samsung phone. If you are someone who needs to travel a lot throughout the day, this is the perfect travel companion for you. You can check out more details of Samsung keyboard at BUY NOW.

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