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The world is constantly changing, especially, in terms of the consistent technological advancements, digitization, and digitalization in today’s world. These alterations have currently become a significant reason why data is considered to be an asset nowadays. Therefore, the next usual thought to cross minds would be the loss of data that can be quite impactful for contemporary society today. Hence, data management must be the first priority of every individual, which leads to the establishment of software that can aid people to secure their data or even contribute to data recovery. One such software is the Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition.

What is Stellar Data Recovery Software?

It is a data recovery software, which is absolutely free with no incurring cost. Regardless of the kind of data, the software helps to retrieve data from lost, deleted, or even corrupted documents, media files, USB sticks, HDD, PC, or even laptops. Stellar Data Recovery Software can recover up to 1 GB of data totally free of cost. Also, the software can retrieve data and recover all major types of file formats.


The software has unique but simple features, which help the recovery of any data from any kind of file without much hassle. So, let’s delve deeper into these features:

  1. Just simple 3 steps of data recovery after launching the software, firstly, selecting the storage drive & file format; secondly, scanning the drive, saving the recovered files.
  2. The software aids in the free recovery of various major formats of media files such as digital photo, audio, & video, PDF, PowerPoint deck, Word documents, Excel sheets or workbook, email attachments, and many more. 
  3. Even after formatting a storage device like a USB stick, SD card, HDD, or devices like laptop, and PC, one can easily recuperate any amount of data from these formatted drives. 
  4. It permits a preview of the retrievable files before finally saving them to ascertain the extent of recovery of the files. The software calls it an ‘augmented preview’ of the recoverable data, including, PDF, videos, audios, images, Office documents, PHP files, Zip, HTML, RAR, etc. Moreover, the tools allow playing such video files in full-screen mode.
  5. Furthermore, the Stellar Data Recovery tool can also retrieve deleted or lost data from BitLocker encrypted drive. Just enter the BitLocker decryption key and run the system to scan the decrypted media.
  6. Last, but not least, the software helps a hassle-free recovery from the corrupted volume of data and files. Install and run the tool before formatting the drive to avoid any kind of data loss from a damaged file system. 

Paid Version: More Premium & Smooth Experience

Get more exclusive and premium features with the paid version of the software such as,

  1. Data recovery from the lost or missing file system using the advanced Deep Scan capability.
  2. Repairs corrupted video files, regardless of the file formats. It fixes choppy, stuttering, blurry, grainy, unplayable, flickering, and out-of-sync media files.
  3. Retrieve data from failed, broken, or unknown RAID arrays via advanced virtual RAID recovery capability procedure.
  4. Users get robust & advanced data retrieval from modern & unconventional 4K Hard Drives that possess large-sized sectors (4096 bytes) to store information.
  5. Access or recover all data from a crashed or unbootable Windows system (laptop or PC) by creating bootable USB recovery media.
  6. Repair RAW & JPEG image files captured by any kind of camera. Fixes pixelated, grainy, distorted, blurry, & greyed-out pictures like new.
  7. Premium Stellar Data Recovery tool that recovers data from Mac & Linux system and virtual drives.
  8. The software offers dual monitor support, which allows multitasking on double monitor displays without the need to toggle per minimize the tabs.

Plans & Packages  

The Stellar Data Recovery is absolutely free, but to acquire more premium features, one should consider the plans and packages available. The price range starts from absolutely free to $299/year. Now, let’s discuss the benefits related to each plan.

The free plan involves standard and basic file recovery tools, but retrieval is limited to up to 1GB of data, so, for a larger number of files, or large-sized files one needs to upgrade their plan. Further, for standard paid subscriptions, the price range starts from $49.99/year, which consists of all the benefits of a free plan, in addition to unlimited data recovery. 

Again, for more access, advanced subscription plans are beneficial for an individual. The advanced plans include a Professional subscription ($79.99/year), Premium benefits ($99.99/year), Technician plan ($199/year), & Toolkit ($299/year). These involve recovery tools for optical media, unbootable systems, RAID data, corrupt files, and many more.

However, the Mac version comprises only Professional, Premium, & Technician subscription plans.

Review of the Software


  • Operations & Performance

Stellar Data Recovery software has been trialed on a Windows 10 laptop with a RAM capacity of 8GB, & 223GB HDD. A quick scan required around five minutes, however, it used around 200MB of RAM, although not unusual for data recovery systems. The quick scan feature recovered the expected files and documents (76GB), yet, there’s also an option for deep scan, which obviously used more RAM capacity and took over 12 hours but recovered more data (117GB).

  • Competence & Proficiency

The software is quite impressive! Even though lost file retrieval is quite tedious and difficult, but a good job is done around five minutes, which is quite fast, if compared to other recovery tools used in the past. Besides, as claimed, it can recover all well-recognized file formats, with customization options in the advanced options. While, it’s quite overwhelming to recover a sheer number of files, but fortunately, these can be sorted and searched via a search panel.

  • Customer Service Support

Users have access to a wide range of fast and easy customer services worldwide via phone, online ticket, live chat services. Phone support language is English, available worldwide.

Final Verdict

Overall, a great recovery tool with powerful & impressive advanced options for business enabling any individual to retrieve data from any device. Stellar Data Recovery’s user-friendly interface and remarkable functionality are no doubt noteworthy. Although there are abundant substitutes in the market, this definitely holds a different position!

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