iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11- What Is New This Time?

iPhones do have that hype going on the market, right? Well, that cannot just be over nothing, and it isn’t either. The class that it brings with itself, along with the image and display qualities is nothing short of amazing. Now, Apple has launched its new model of iPhone. Yes, iPhone 12, the new iPhone model is in town! But what does it have that the last model did not? If you are considering buying the new model, and are wondering whether prefer it over the last one, then we say you keep reading. We have some facts that you might want to go through once.

iPhone 11:

Those who keep up with the ever-evolving trends of iPhones know that this is the people’s iPhone. iPhone 11 is the best iPhone to get for the price. It has a low enough starting price and even provides genuine improvements over the last models such as that of the iPhone XR and so on. This model even does away with the iPhone battery life problem. It has 4 GB of RAM and three different storage ranges from which the buyer can choose. This model is more power-efficient and has a good enough display. In a gist, even though it shares its external appearance with XR, it does have major improvements to offer. More features are given below.

iPhone 12:

It is like iPhone 11 was just about to win the race but was stopped from doing so following the dramatic entrance of the iPhone 12. Whatever iPhone 11 can do, iPhone 12 does just a tad bit better. Some of the noticeable improvements that can be seen in iPhone 12 consist of the display, camera, and network connectivity. iPhone 12 is the first iPhone model to support the 5G network.

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iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12- wrap up

Even though the new model of the iPhone 12 has now been launched, Apple is still selling its iPhone 11 under the line of new models. This might create confusion in the minds of the buyers as to if Apple itself is urging the audience to keep using iPhone 11. Well, not really. Even though the reason behind the above is not clearly known, (maybe there is no such reason even), iPhone 12 is an absolute overhaul.

It is a prominent overhaul in a lot of ways. It bears a design that is simpler, lighter, and smaller. You get an OLED display in a non-pro iPhone for the first time this time. You likewise get the most recent A14 Bionic processor with several significant camera updates. While the best that iPhone 11 can do is an LTE network, iPhone 12 gives you a 5G network.

If you are still in a dilemma regarding the choice you should make, here is a table demonstrating the features of the two models side by side for your better consideration.

comparison between iphone 11 and iphone 12
comparison between iphone 11 and iphone 12comparison between iphone 11 and iphone 12


As is clear from the above tabulated data, it is not like iPhone 11 is trash when you compare it side by side iPhone 12. It does have some good qualities. It has quite a good battery backup. In fact, if you to the iPhone battery life comparison between the two, you will notice that the battery life of the iPhone 11 battery life is better than iPhone 12 battery life. The starting price of the iPhone 11 is also lesser than iPhone 12. There is a reason why the model is referred to as the people’s model.

However, what is life without upgrades? Yes, true, iPhone 11 has its own perks, but iPhone 12 is the new upgrade without a doubt. It has a better processor, be6tter display, and 5G network connectivity. All of this just calls for a higher starting price. The iPhone 12battery could very well be the only drawback, and that too when you get to compare them. In itself, it really is not that bad. It is rather quite good. If iPhone 11 has better pricing, iPhone 12 has a better foundation!

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