Hostelworld App- A Quick Review

Traveling is a great way to recharge yourself. This everyday hustle-bustle can drain your energy and make you feel tired. Sleeping will not help this kind of tiredness. Packing your bags and leaving for an aesthetic destination is what could help you through. But there too lies a problem. There are so many different places where you could go. How would you know the hotel accommodations of each of these places? Enter Hostelworld! What is it? It is an app that makes it easy for you to search for hostels around the place where you are going to visit. Sounds like just the hostel app you were looking for? Keep reading.

What is the Hostelworld app?

When you plan to visit a particular place, one of the most important things is to investigate about would have to be the living accommodations there. You need to know where you could get food, where you could fresh, and most importantly where you would be staying for the time being.

But of course, it is not possible for you to keep track of the living accommodations of all the places. So then, what to do?

This is where the Hostelworld app comes into play. This application consists of more than 33,000 backpackers hostels listed there. It shows you all the amenities that you could enjoy there and all that the hostels have to offer to you.

The application is super easy to use and gives you only legit information about the hostels that are listed there. You can get the app from the play store for free for your android devices. If you are an iPhone user, you could also get the same app off the Apple Store.

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How does Hostelworld function?

As we have stated earlier as well, using the app of Hostelworld is quite simple to use. In fact, its easy user interface is one of the salient features of the application that makes it the popular go-to option for travelers across the world that it is today. But how does it function really? Does it require you to enter any of your personal information? Not really.

You need to put the destination you intend on visiting, the number of travelers for whom you would require the accommodation, and the check-in and check-out dates. The application will then provide you with the search results that go with the destination you provided. You can even put the specific location around where you would like to book a hostel.

So, no, the online booking system of Hostelworld does not use or ask for any of your personal details. While booking of course you would have to provide some information but that is what the hostels would need so as to book accommodation for you. That has got nothing to do with the app of Hostelworld.

Why use Hostelworld?

There are so many apps out there that can provide you information about hotels and hostels around the world. Then why would you choose Hostelworld in particular? Now that is a question to ponder, right? Well, you need not ponder for long as we have the answers just a few scrolls down. Keep reading.


First off, hostels are way cheaper than hotels. Hostels mainly consist of dorm rooms that can accommodate multiple and a large number of travelers. They need to share amenities, thereby cutting down a lot on costs. Also, Hostelworld does not take any money from you during the booking of the hostel. It later tales its commission from the hostel to which it sent you as a customer.

2.Safe choices

Using the Hostelworld app you get to meet new travelers, share perspectives, and may even make new friends, but all that in a secured manner. You will not have to worry about whether or not the hostels are safe, because, that is the headache Hostelworld takes on your behalf!

3.Filtered and wide range of options

You can also browse through a lot of options. The best part about the options that you get here is filtered to meet your needs. You get to put down the destination, even the specific location on the app, and then search for the options that you could afford.

4.Authentic options

The app offers you authentic options only. You need not worry whether or not the hostels listed there would turn out to be mere farces. The app of Hostelworld up till now has never suffered any such negative reviews regarding the hostel reservation recommendations that they have offered.

Hotels are overrated anyway! Come and enjoy the nuanced experience of hostels, the next time you pack your bags at Hostelworld.

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