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Flights are without a doubt the easiest means of transportation. But it is not one without any hazards. There must have been times when you might have had to wait for several hours because of a flight delay. But have you received the compensation for it yet? In all probability, the answer is a “no”, isn’t it? That is natural though.

It is not possible for a common person to go through all the procedures that you would need to overcome in order to ultimately get your compensation charge. Most people might not even be familiar with the fact that if and when required they can ask for such an act of compensation. This is where AirHelp comes into play. It takes care that the people have a clear idea about their rights. If you have been facing a similar problem for some time regarding timely flight commodities, then see how the AirHelp could benefit you.

What is the AirHelp software?

AirHelp software
AirHelp software

There are times when we wait for hours for our flights, but they just never arrive. Don’t you ever feel at those times, how great it would be if we had a flight delay app that would give us the required information regarding your flight? Our frustration cannot be compensated, but the money could be. Even then, however, most of the time it becomes difficult for the passengers to get a hold of their rights due to so many technicalities being present in between.

AirHelp has got our back there. This application provides you with detailed information about the flights, when they are going to arrive, and also lets you know if and when a flight gets delayed. The application is a free one and can be downloaded and used on both android devices and iPhones.

The firm acts as a middleman when you file a claim. They see to the fact that your claim is looked after, and you get the deserved remuneration. The best part about the company is that they only get paid when you actually win the claim. This is an advantage of using the app- neither will the money you may be misused by the firm, nor will be the faith you harvest in them.

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Where to get the app?

The application is free to be installed on your phone. It works both for android as well as iOS systems. But where do you get the app from? You just have to follow a few simple steps. We have listed them stepwise, just for you, down below.

  1. Search for the application on your preferred browser.
  2. You might have to scroll down a bit. Click on the link of the play store or apple store as provided (according to your use).
  3. Download and install the application on your device.

You can also directly visit the apple store or play store (according to your device’s requirements) and install the app from there directly. Or you could also click on the link of their official site, https://www.airhelp.com/en/, and create your account there.

What are the features of the AirHelp software?

AirHelp App
AirHelp App

Needless to say, the application has a lot to offer to its users. The Berlin-based company has its only set aim as customer satisfaction. The AirHelp reviews would agree with it as well. So, what does it do to ensure the same? Let’s see what it has to offer.

1.Extremely easy way to file complaints

Recently the application was revised with a new feature, which is probably the best one up till now. The passengers can now launch a complaint just by a picture of their boarding pass. Claiming your rights have never been easier.

2.Track your past claims

No matter from where you might have booked a flight or no matter how long ago a trip might have been, AirHelp software will track it for you. If say, there is some due amount of money that you are to be paid from any of your previous trips, AirHelp software will help you get your hands on it. They will first offer you to file a claim, and will thereafter set out to work on the same (provided you accept the offer).

3.Categorized claims

The company has all kinds of claims categorized on their site. Depending on the kind of hazard that you might have faced, you can file a complaint under that specified category. There are categories involving flight delay claimscancel a flight claim, and overbooked flight compensations, to name a few.

The company does not make you listen to smooth jazz for hours, only to be answered by an automated response later. It comes down, into the field itself, and sees to the fact that the passengers get what they deserve. You could be wondering how they get paid? They get paid only when you win your claim. In fact, if say you have already paid them and did not win, they would even give back the amount you had paid them earlier!

Download the App:

App Store
App Store


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