User-Friendly Apps for IPad Pro AND Apple Pencil

Below listed are some of the most user-friendly iPad Pro apps. These range from art creation software to handy note-taking programs, apps capable of powerful 3D design wherein even students are not left behind

  • Procreate…. Helps to make digital art 
  • Pixelmator. … Comprehensive Image Editor for IPad Pro including photoshopping
  • Paper. … Good for making digital doodles and also making plans as on actual paper.
  • Best app for multimedia and making notes  in the business
  • This 3D drawing app makes great use of the Apple Pencil.
  • Microsoft Excel
  • YouTube
  • Luma Fusion: Highly effective app for advanced video editing.
  • Google Docs

      Things: The best app for an organization to manage tasks and r to-do lists

  • Wunderlist: Excellent everyday list and planner for FREE
  • Beesy: Ideal for Project Management and Business
  • Inclass : Free app specially designed for students


 Apple Pencil (New)

apple pencil
apple pencil clean design

Some significant updates approaching iPadOS 14 gyrate around the Apple Pencil. The first- and second-gen Apple Pencil are achieving new levels of capabilities in the most recent software, which is currently available to anyone with a compatible iPad device.

Scribble : 

The best feature arriving on iPads this fall, Scribble, a wholesome feature, which lets you write with the use of the Apple Pencil into any text platform on your iPad and watch your hand-written texts getting transformed to typed text.

Notes :

The Notes app is achieving a few interesting advancements in iPadOS 14, plenty of them are centered on the Apple Pencil and handwriting.

Powered by the Apple Pencil, handwriting texts are formed by the Apple Pencil in the Notes application which one can copy now, like typed text. The feature is called Smart Selection, which lets you select texts, single-wordily or the whole passage, written by hand. Moreover, the pencil enables over large chunks of handwritten content.

2 novel options in the Apple Pencil section of the Settings app:

  1. Only Draw with Apple Pencil– Only the Pencil can be used to draw on the iPad.
  2. Scribble on and off- Stop the annoyance of Scribble in Settings. By default, Scribble is on.


Charging of new Apple Pencil

apple pencil 2
apple pencil 2

The Apple Pencil 2 now charges wirelessly via a magnetic attachment that clips to the side of the tablet and lets it automatically pair. It’s a way better solution than the previous charging method that required plugging the Pencil into the iPad’s Lightning port.



Apple IPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro
Apple iPad Pro

Apple IPad Pro is not only a computer. It’s a magical piece of glass.

It’s so fast that most laptops fail to catch up.

The Pro cameras can transform reality.

One can use it with a touch, pencil, keyboard, and trackpad.


Apple Press Release


In March 2021, Apple announced that it will host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) June 7 through 11, in an all-online format. Free for all developers, WWDC21 will offer unique insight into the future of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Depending on the record-breaking participation and learnings from WWDC21, it is an exclusive opportunity for every developer to know about the advanced technologies, updated tools, and frameworks they all rely on to form innovative and platform-differentiating apps and games.

 Further, Apple made an announcement that the 2021 Swift Student Challenge, an opportunity for youngsters, especially, developers to demonstrate their coding skills by crafting a Swift playground, is currently accepting submissions.

“We love bringing our developers together each year at WWDC to learn about our latest technologies and to connect them with Apple engineers,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations and Enterprise and Education Marketing.

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