Spa Life All Natural Bath and Body Luxury Spa Gift Set Basket(Men’s Sandalwood)

Key features of sandalwoods day spa:

  • AT-HOME SPA USAGE: Pamper in a comforting spa-like involvement after a demanding and exhausting day. This men’s spa gift set provides a variation of merchandise that will aid you to wind down for a change.
  • 7-PIECE SET: Indulge yourself with this epic collection of -7 Spa Life products and appreciate some so-called “my” time. This set emanates comprehensive with a bath gel, body lotion, bath crystals, the remarkable sisal sponge, and the bubble bath. All these are neatly and courteously arranged in a tabloid valise.
  • SOOTHING AROMATHERAPY. You can efficiently wash your skin and can feel the aroma too. The beautiful aroma is lovely to the sanities and will sort you to feel methodically hassle-free and reinvigorated.
  • PAMPER YOURSELF. Let everything go and relish a lessening soak or take a stimulating bath using Spa-Life shower products. To sparkle it off, lightly spread body ointment on the skin for a prompt relaxing effect.
  • FLAWLESS GIFT SET. This beautiful assortment of luxury spa gift set products will make the best and a remarkable gift for any devout occasion like Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or even birthdays.

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