Amazer Kids Light Gloves Children Finger Light Flashing LED Warm Gloves

Key features:

  • Extra bonus: Additional set of (4 strong batteries) included(Installed), you will get 4 spare replaceable batteries to have more fun
  • 7 colors /6 modes: AMAZER led kids to light up gloves, has around
  • 6 blinking modes
  • Red strobe
  • 3 (color-strobe)
  • Green strobe
  • 3 color morphing
  • Blue strobe
  • 3 color trailing
  • Note* Press the on and off button to change the modes of the light.


  • You will be a big hit: Such cool gloves for kids are a perfect present for occasions like Halloween or Christmas Eve.
  • Comfort fit: AMAZER flashing LED flashing gloves are completed of relaxed cotton, picture-perfect for each Insulator tab to defend the battery formerly using.

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