National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Christmas tree 

Key features of the national tree artificial Christmas tree:

    • USUAL LIFELIKE DEMAND: The epic simulated twigs look extremely genuine and believable. With more than 260 independently fashioned branch guidelines, this packed tree is as delightful as the actual thing.
    • MODEST OUTFIT AND STORAGE: These beautiful artificial Christmas trees with lights are typically arranged and taken down for storing that is relaxed with illuminations expediently pre-strung to twigs.
  • LIFELONG DURABILITY: It has been specifically constructed to tolerate many occasions with its durable metallic base and ‘100 UL’ snowy lights that endure lit even if a bulb burns out.
  • PERFECT SIZING: The national tree company ensured that the Christmas tree stances at around 4-feet tall and measures approximately 31 inches in length at its base.

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