Vont Starry Fairy Lights, String Lights, 66FT, 200 LEDs, Bedroom Décor


  • Brand: Vont
  • Light Source type: LED
  • Number of Lights: 200
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Wattage: 100 Watts

Key features:

  • Improved with an on and off button – These starry string lights are skillfully fashioned with get-up-and-go efficient copper lines which are 100% water-resistant and are ensured of not being overheated.
  • Shapeable, wrap able, and robust – These epic wall fairy lights effortlessly cape around your patio equipment, draperies, and wall decorations.
  • Cheerful and enthralling – When you put twinkle lights in the bedroom, it provides an outrageous flawless luminosity which can be termed as a “beautiful glow” over dim corners. Moreover, you can put them on Christmas trees, gatherings, dark open-air events, and even for passionate banquets at home.
  • Adaptable and stylish – Once you put those amazing lights in your room, you will feel the difference, and it’s nothing short of feeling like heaven or maybe under a starry lit sky where you can have the greatest of times.

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