IYARA CRAFT Tealight Candle Holders with Candle Tray Set of 3 Decorative Candle Holders 

Key features:

    • LEGANT CANDLE HOLDER — IYARA CRAFT’s lovely candle holders set is a flawless method to enhance the cordiality and loveliness of your home’s decoration with its gorgeous wooden finish and breath-taking elaborate details to brand any cosmos more classy and delightful.
    • HANDMADE WOODY CONTAINERS- With those decorative inlaid aluminum giant in an old-fashioned finish, exaggerating the lusterless finish handcrafted made of wood holder, this epic wood candle holder adds just the perfect amount of luxury and opulence to any space!
    • STYLISH CANDLE HOLDER TRAY- Such a candle tray set originates through a stylish wooden candle tray, which enhances its sophisticated design, and aids grip the timber rush candle holders in place.
  • NUMEROUS DECORATION OPTIONS- One can use it as a bookshelf ornament, or even a half-way point table piece, side table elaboration, or as a garden adornment in your home. It develops the artistic appeal, and create a lessening and welcoming environment.

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