Whiskey Decanter Gift Set | Husband Birthday Gifts Artisan Crafted Chilling Rocks Stones Scotch Bourbon Glasses

Key features:

  • CHILL THE DRINK WITHOUT WATER – Imagine discerning the full, amusing zest of your preferred drink when it’s chilled simply to the exact supping temperature. This stunning whiskey stone cube makes you do exactly that. Simply relish your preferred drinks shorn of concentrating them with cubes of ice.
  • OUTSTANDING GIFT FOR EVERY OCCASION – Examining for the perfect gift, well then seek no more! This classic liquor container set is idyllic for every spirits fanatic. An outstanding bent for bridal groomsmen, gifting your dad, spawns, former student, birthdays, and departure parties, and for anyone who relishes an excellent time while enjoying a flawlessly chilled drink.



  • COMFORTABLE ACCUMULATION TO THE BAR– Excite your associates and family with such an attractive bar crystal decanter Such a stunning timber box will add a sophisticated look to every bar exhibition or a man cave. The old classy glasses are apt for the flawless amount of your desired drink.
  • HEALTHY TASTES BETTER – Such amazing whiskey cubes are completed of 100% usual granite stones, with an advanced perfecting process that brands them amply smooth not to scrape even the utmost subtle whiskey glasses.


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