GRAND CANYON COLLECTION Whiskey Barrel Dispenser Home Whiskey Barrel


  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: Quebec
  • Material: Wood

Key features:

    • ATTRACTIVE BARREL FOR SPIRITS AT HOME- Enhance a trace of elegance to your beautiful kitchen with the remarkable ornamental barrel container. The picture-perfect dispenser, this timber barrel is stunning but will keep refreshing your inner soul.
    • SERVE WHISKEY WITH ELEGANCE – Carry out this erudite drink dispenser while hosting associates. Suffuse your preferred scotch, whiskey, or bourbon with garden-fresh herbs and zests by plummeting those into the barrel. Attend the appetizing consequence to your visitors.
  • HANDCRAFTED WOODEN KEG THAT’S EASY-TO-ASSEMBLE- With its authentic whiskey barrel container; the beautifully hand-crafted bourbon barrel can become the picture-perfect cornerstone on your tabletop or augment any counter display.
  • DECORATIVE BARREL – This absolutely beautiful pine wooden whisky container has a suitable stopper and originates with an elegant wooden stand. Watertight and premeditated with a horizontal, sophisticated finish.


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