Bath Set for Women – Body & Earth 8 Pcs Gift Basket

Bath Set includes 9pcs:

  • 160ml: 5.4 fluid ounce shower gel
  • 160ml: 5.4 fluid ounce bubble bath
  • 50ml: 1.6 fluid ounce body scrub
  • 50ml: 1.6 fluid ounce body butter
  • 100ml: 3.3 fluid ounce body lotion
  • 100g: 3.5-ounce bath salt
  • 4x15g: 4×0.5 ounce bath fizzers
  • loofah back scrubber

Key features:

  • Nutritious Ingredients:

The whole thing in the epic bath set is completed from top-rated and nourishing ingredients, comprising of sunflower seed oil and even vitamin E, this provides a firm focusing on moisturizing and softening skin.

  • Essential Oils:

This outstanding Spa gift set permeated with Jasmine oils and Cherry Blossom which are extremely opulent in anti-oxidants and upkeeps the skin’s organic barriers, endorsing smooth, nurtured skin. Flawless Scent to accomplish wide-ranging facilitation and have the eventual home-based spa experience.

  • Contents:

The epic bath set takes account of the whole kit and ensembles your requirement for an eventual home spa experience. Set includes bubble bath, shower gel, body-lotion, bath-salt all collected in a refillable shower tub.

  • Perfect for Everyone:

Cherry Blossom and Jasmin Scent demand every single woman, creating the flawless present one can ever have. This extravagance set has the whole thing you require to mollycoddle yourself or a treasured one.

  • A Fine-looking Gift:

It is picture-perfect like a gift or for any individual’s generous pleasure. A prevalent holiday, birthday, anniversary, or even like Christmas are some of the best times to present such a beautiful gift set.

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