TIJNN Snow Globe Lantern Water Sparkling Santa Claus and Christmas Tree Scene

Key features of Christmas snow lantern:

  • Comprised packaging:

You will be getting a Santa Snowball Lantern (5.5″ x 11″), it is an indicting cable, and along with it, there is a proper user manual. The old-fashioned lantern and its amazing art beautification scheme make it looks stunning, which is an exceptional add-on to Christmas home adornment.

  • Battery-operated or plugin power source:

Every Christmas, the snowball can be used 3 AA batteries which are not included or plug-in. The organization is sensible, to safeguard that there is just no misfortune of seepage, and there is no such hazard of fire, and it is harmless and spotless for broods and pets.

  • 6h on and 18h off timer:

It also has the innovative ecological safeguard concept – time blackout. When you change to the timer genre, the illuminations will only last for 6 hours and will be automatically turned off for the next 18 hours. The cycle will keep on repeating after every 24 hours to protect the energy and defend the environs.

This epic lantern snow globe can be a perfect illuminating gift for any person at this point of the year. It will make such a pious occasion much brighter and enjoyable.

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