Bath& Shower Spa Basket Gift Set, Lemon Citrus Spa Gift Basket Kits for Women


  • Pleasure is an Extended Hot Bubble Bath:

In today’s demanding world, pressure can shape up in haste; everybody desires respite sometimes, especially from the worry and tautness of everyday life. Appreciatively, Ariosemonde spa brings you the Long Hot Bubble Bath and its products will offer you just that.

  • The Scent of Lemon Citrus:

The lemon citrus scent and the grapefruit detox shower sets are the picture-perfect methods to unwind and stimulate your form after an extensive demanding day. The lemon-oils supposed to augment temper and feed the skin. While the amazing grapefruit oil aids to keep your body free of any kind of toxins and even retains the glow and the cleanliness of your skin.

  • Maintains Purity:

All these Ariosemonde Spa sets are cruelty and gluten-free; that means that all of its products are made of organic ingredients.  They also offer a beautifully natural and milder scent.

  • An Exciting Gift:

This amazing set also becomes a great gift set, especially in such a time where it’s all about celebrations like Christmas and the New Year.

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