Bali Soap – Natural Soap Bar Gift Set


  • Ingredients: Water, Coconut Oil, Fragrant Oils, Palm Oil, Natural Botanical Powders and Flowers, Alkali (NaOH)
  • Scent: Jasmine, papaya, vanilla, ylang, lemongrass, coconut
  • Brand: Bali Soap
  • Skin Type: All
  • Item Weight: 600 Grams

Key features of natural soap Amazon:

  • GLAMOROUS BEAUTIFUL SOAP FROM BALI – Long lifelong bars that tint off clean and will leave no other soap remainder behind. Regular glycerin endorses additional cleansing which reliefs to thwart dry skin
  • COURSE WITH NATURAL ISLAND BOTANICALS – An interesting blend of biological elements that grades in a stimulating exfoliating brush pooled with a soft lather.
  • DIVERSITY / GIFT PACK – These gift soap bars come in 6 separately enfolded sets in a fashionable gift box faultless beauty for your home, bridal favors, workplace gifts, ceremonial showers, and many others.

100% GRATIFICATION GUARANTEES – Everyone has their individual particular tastes, sanities, and favorites. These amazing handmade soap gift sets can make any person happy and the essence of the soaps are a complete stress-buster for anyone who will be using it.

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