YUFOL Christmas Decorations for Home Merry Christmas Banner, Hanging Christmas Door Decorations

Key features:

  • A set of 2 pack Blue-Christmas Banners:

The Christmas banner is prepared of 600D: Oxford fabric, recyclable and is extremely light. This amazing Christmas decoration Decor comes in (12:71inches) and in excellent large size.

  • Christmas Decoration Banner Set:

The fabulous “Merry Christmas” banner comes with a complete set of trees, jingle bells, and other gifts. This makes the set even more appealing and an ideal one for such a pious occasion.

The dangling portico banners derive from snowflakes and the infamous snowman patterns. You can simply hang them at any place you feel like, but the most suitable place would be above the doors, anterior porch, door, and window. All these places can be ideally suited for embellishing and a pleasing Christmas party. Christmas decorations with burlap also generate a cozy ambiance for your friends and family.

  • Simple Hang:

The upper part of the Christmas banner emanates with a timber rod and cord. It is pre-assembled, and once you unwrap the gifts they are prepared to be suspended against the wall. There are 2 perforations on the end so that you can ascribe weights on to preclude them from hovering round in the wind. In recent times, it has been quite demanding and has become one of the best indoor sets for Christmas decorations.

  • The striking Christmas banner:

The makers ensured that this epic banner turns out to be the most appealing one for the Americans. Therefore, the marks are ingeniously placed out to safeguard that it will aptly fit in during every Christmas event.

So why to wait? Order right now, if you feel like decorating your house in the best possible way, and enjoy the pious occasion with your friends and family.


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