Moss & Stone Oblony Glass – Made by Borosilicate Glass | Glass Baking Tray

Key features of borosilicate glass safe

  • EXTREMELY DURABLE – glass baking trays are completed from a range of 4.5mm-5mm dense clear blue borosilicate glass. They are perfect for thermal development.
  • VERSATILE – Every single of the borosilicate bake-ware set is completed in Microwave, Blue crystal borosilicate glass, freezer, oven, and safe for dishwasher usage.
  • HEALTHY COOKING – The epic borosilicate glass cookware is the number one choice due to its robustness, anti-rust proficiency, additional strength, and extraordinary performance abilities.
  • User-Friendly – Pop your glass baking trays into the rotisserie, then use the refrigerator to cool off, and rewarm it using the micro-wave, all without crushing the crystal body.

Specific Dimensions of borosilicate glass safe

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Brand: Moss and Stone

Color: Clear Blue Glass

Shape: Round

Material Care Instructions: Microwave Safe, Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe

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