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In this new era, everything has been transformed and revolutionized to integrated tech-centric features. Education has been a part of this revolution since the last decade. The SoloLearn is one such app that has garnered immense popularity due to its unique code learning procedures. The app has over a billion followers especially those who want to become software developers. There are many unique methods to learn the coding procedure and if you need some help there are other people in the app community who will guide you through a constructive process of learning.

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Key features of SoloLearn app:

  • The app has been regarded as one of the best apps for coding for the iPhone that is available in the app store. Especially, due to its state of the art and user-friendly features.
  • If you are someone who is an expert then you can create questions and lessons for those who are beginners or amateurs to make them learn how to code for free.
  • You will be provided with all the support you need to learn to code for free throughout the day.

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  • So you doubt about your progress report? Well, don’t worry, as the experts and other coders’ community linked with the application, will check your progress regularly, they will even tell you the mistakes and the way to solve the codes.
  • The content of the SoloLearn app is regularly updated and upgraded therefore, this makes it a class apart from the other code learning applications.

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The SoloLearn app has been awarded by Google’s editor choice in 2018. As it has transformed in a unique way people used to learn coding till the release of such an application. Especially, in this new COVID 19 pandemic, the whole world has been into a standstill mode. The app has been a complete game-changer as many students from reputed universities along with the lecturers and experts have started to synchronize themselves with the app so that they can teach as well as learn from the numerous engaging coding contents available in the app.

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