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In this universe, all human emotions can feel an extreme connection with the books since ancient times. Overdrive was established predominantly for the purpose to modernize and utilize your time for reading. It provides the best reading platform to channel the opening between the reading time and individuals, who are especially geeks. The app can be referred to as a mobile library, where you can find millions of different kinds of books written by various famous authors worldwide. If you want to figure out or read a certain book, then all you have to do is simply type the name of the book and it will pop up in a second.


If you are one of those who love to read but are unable to figure out a proper time to go through it due to time constraints, then don’t worry, the app even has overdrive audiobooks, which will make you listen to the audio version of the book, and you don’t have to take the stress of reading it.


Since its appearance in the app-store, sometime back in the North American continent, the application has altered and rationalized its anomalies in due time and has established itself as the utmost downloaded reading app ever witnessed. On average, it witnesses more than a million subscribers. Just download the free audiobooks app for iPhone.

Key Features of overdrive audiobook app:

  • Remember those college days, when you were provided with a specific time to visit the library? Well not anymore, in Overdrive, you can visit it throughout the day and read or listen to any book you wish for.
  • All you require is to integrate the app with your mobile devices and list the names of the books you want to read.
  • Just like your school or University libraries require proper documentation about your identification before you can enter the library. In the same manner, the overdrive ebooks app will require the same authentic credentials to log in.

audio books app for iphone

Even though the present cohort particularly in this new age has been tremendous work-oriented, and does find it quite difficult to figure out a time for them. But it can’t be overlooked that maximum relaxation can be provided to those who have a nag to read or are geeks. Reading books has been and will always be considered as the best form of stress-buster.

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Regarding the overdrive audiobooks, it can be recommended that it’s healthier if the app keeps on upgrading itself with time, as there are certain features and books which can be replaced with the new ones.

audiobooksapp for iphone


When you are scheduling an arcade of your creation, you require an eloquent knowledge base, and a certain level of guts to take a calculated risk is necessary. This is precisely what overdrive audiobooks were gifted with.  It can bargain the appropriate fitting together with the readers and listeners that aided them to develop one of the topmost downloaded apps in the USA. Overdrive has completely modernized the process of reading books in this digital period.


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