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In this current scenario, there have been a lot of free online learning platforms. Some of them have become a permanent base for close to 15 million learners, like the very popular Edx mobile app. In today’s world, you have to always keep on learning and upgrading yourself by learning new and unique skillsets, to sustain and to become successful in this corporate world. Edx app provides just the typical platform that you require.


The epic Edx free course app was developed in collaboration with the students and experts of MIT and Harvard to deliver and offer the global student community the best online platform for classes and unique courses to date. The app covers a varied range of subjects, starting from Mathematics, Finance, Commerce, cybersecurity, software development courses, engineering, business, and many others. After the end of each course, you are provided with the certificate of completion which will raise the bar in your professional sphere.

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Key features of Edx mobile app:

  • Students from all over the world can learn various courses and that too for free.
  •  Experts from Harvard and MIT take the Online classes. Thus making it quite a demanding application.
  • You just download the app and then learn from any of the 2000 online courses on the move.
  • The makers of this app ensured that the students become well-versed in each of those courses he or she has selected.
  • Not only from Harvard or MIT.  All the global top-rated universities crave to get a platform like this one to teach and connect with students internationally.

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The app is the best free online class applications ever built. Moreover, the diversifications and the amazing list of varied courses of different and the wide range of subjects. It makes it even more popular in this contemporary world. Especially among the global student community.

The Edx free course app has provided a great route for those scholars and pupils who have always dreamt of studying in such esteemed organizations or institutes. This app provides the students with a platform that guarantees their success in the future.

Download the App:

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