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streaksRemember when you had to maintain a to-do list for the day but then you miss out on a few as you recollect everything. Hence to avoid such a mistake, you write it down. In this world of technologies, writing down on a sheet of paper sounds too backdated. The epic Streaks app is here to guide you with the entire necessary to-do list that you have to complete for the day.


Other than noting down a to-do list the Streak tracker is an amazing customizable app. You can easily put in a task, as many times as you want, to complete it. The application will automatically set notifications and reminders for you in case you forget.

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Wanting to get rid of certain habits:

If you feel like getting rid of certain habits then you can create a segment of a negative task in the Streak app. Like, if you want to quit smoking, you can create it on the negative task section. The app will keep reminding you about it. Millions of users were highly benefited and were able to quit smoking in a matter of a few months, which they couldn’t able to do for years by themselves.


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What makes Streaks so special?

  • You can integrate the application with any social media platforms like streaks on snap chat through which you can share your activity list with other friends.
  • The streaks daily habit tracker will ensure that you not only follow all the good habits every day but also get rid of those who are not good for your health. Like, smoking, having junk food, etc.
  • The streak app for iPhone can be integrated with other Apple watches and devices. Hence you can check the notifications and reminders on the go and throughout the day.
  • Select the days you want to a particular task or continue to do it regularly.

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Significance of streaks daily habit tracker app:

With the Streak tracker, you don’t have to worry about remembering the to-do list; rather you will be automatically reminded.  It becomes your most trusted companion and guides you impeccably towards being constructive, disciplined, and a healthy individual.

The Streaks app has been regarded as the best daily tracker application. Since its inception, more than a million people have become healthier and disciplined.

Download the App:

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