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sleep cycle alarm clock

In this hustle and bustle of city life if there is anything that people are most deprived of is sleep. With all the advancement that has taken place around the globe, stress and mental exhaustion due to professional causes have also increased. The consequences are insomnia, a high level of stress and anxiety, lack of sleep. The Sleep Monitor app plays an extensive role in this regard. It not only calculates your sleeping time but also sets an alarm, to remind you to sleep early.

sleep monitor appsleep monitor app

Sleep cycle alarm clock:

As you all know that we generally have four sleeping cycles and each one of them lasts around 2 hours. The app uses the sensors and regular sophisticated data of your body movements to provide you with accurate detail of all the sleeping cycles that you go through. So that you realize whether your sleep is being affected and exactly which cycle you are having an issue with.

Key features:

  • Provides accurate data about your sleeping cycle.
  • The sleep monitor watch keeps a track of your daily sleeping habits and times. It helps to calculate the amount of time you are actually sleeping and the time you require to sleep daily.
  • You can even take some notes before you go to bed on the sleep monitor.
  • The sleep monitor app also offers some soothing music, to calm and distress you. This helps in making you sleep early.

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sleep monitor appsleep monitor app


The app since its initiation has persisted as one of the premium applications which provides a much methodical tactic with its mode of monitoring your sleep cycle for the better.

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