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The SOAR app initially was developed in the early 80s, to protect the fliers from having the fear of flying at an altitude of over 10,000 feet. Over the years, it has gone through several changes. In its current form, the app has a lot of contemporary features and weather tracking devices, to provide the fliers with adequate information while traveling along their intended flight route.

Since its inception by Tom Bun about 4 decades ago, it has been considered the finest flight anxiety app ever built. Moreover, the spike of the aerospace industry and the steep increase among tourists around the globe had a serious effect on fliers’ health conditions often on long flight hours. It became all the more necessary to protect and prevent certain fliers from having anxiety issues.

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The soar fear of flying app will offer you only with all the thorough evidence on how you should take care of your body while being jet-lagged or if you have certain other physical issues; it will aid you to have a much positive and cynical pattern.

Moreover, if you’re traveling from one continent to the other, the app will guide you to book tickets for specific international flights, after providing you the details of the climate and time differences of that particular country.

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Key features soar app:

    • Due to the early statistics, you can accustom yourself to the unfamiliar condition faster.
    • Once you download this app, it is irrelevant whether you are online or not. As you will be receiving notifications every day.
    • Due to its state-of-the-art direction-finding device, it can show you the weather forecast while you are traveling. Also, it can give you the temperature and climatic conditions of the place you are going to arrive.
  • You will have a lot of counseling courses and videos in regards to the fear of flying and how you need to overcome it.

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Soar fear of flying review:

You can simply download the best fear of flying app and figure out the outstanding practicable ways of avoiding jet lags and other medical conditions that might happen due to flying. You will be able to get live courses and experts, who will guide and provide you with the much-needed advice in flying.

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