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Numberzilla – Number Puzzle | Board Game



Numberzilla – number puzzle board game, falls under the category of those games which test your mental ability. Since it was available on the Appstore and Google play store, the game was an instant sensation amid folks of all ages globally.

Especially, after transforming its outlook into a more appealing and cute animation, the epic number puzzle game app has become a mode of relaxation for many, especially for those who like to play such brain teasers.

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All about Numberzilla – number puzzle board game:

The number game revolves around Numberzilla and his friends. Their unique role is to aid you in giving in-depth detail of the rules and regulations of the game so that you can achieve success.

Key features:

  • The game has 3 unique types:
  1. Classic:

    It’s for those who are not so used to the game’s process, and therefore is quite easy. It has infinite time and pitch. So you can easily keep on adding lines to the game one after the other.

  2. Survival:

    You need to be extremely proactive, as the numbers will pop up on the screen fast, and will keep adding up just like the cubes add up in Tetris. So if you are not fast enough to calculate, then you will lose once the board is full.

  • Dynamic: Once you calculate a certain amount of correct numbers, then you will able to accomplish the level and can upgrade for the next one.
  • The game is extremely flexible and you can play the game even when you are offline.
  • Even though the content and the characters of the number board game are extremely appealing and thrilling, but the game is quite easy to play even for people who are not much tech-savvy.

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The Numberzilla – number puzzle board game is a free and ideal mental board game on Google play. The number game is about making you healthier intellectually and also upsurge your concentration. The number board game is integrated with some stunning features and graphics that make it engaging.

Download the App:

Google Play Store
Google Play Store

App Store
App Store


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