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four in a row board game

The four in a row board game is a very simple game with some high-quality animation and graphics. The game is all about matching colors and placing them in the correct box to score points. Even though the game is a complete stress-reliever and is available on the Appstore, but currently is not present on the Google Play store.


play four in a row

Key features of play four in a row:

  • It has vibrant visuals and animatronics to make it more appealing for young kids.
  • There is just no end of imagination; you can create in whatever form you want.
  • You can play the game at any place you feel like, just download it from the AppStore and start playing from any corner of this globe.
  • The board game is as simple as you can even think of. The developers guaranteed the fact that this board game is for all irrespective of age.
  • If you are getting bored playing alone, then shift to the multiplayer mode straight away, where you can connect with any of your friends and have a much competitive board game.
  • The board games are quite tricky and will become difficult once you reach a certain level, making it more engaging.

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free four in a row gamegames four in a row


  • The game is free; therefore you are not required to pay anything for downloading.
  • The game is a mental refresher, just sit, enjoy, and match colors.
  • You can play it with more than 2 people, thus making it more appealing for gamers.


  • One identifiable drawback that this app has is the unreasonable pop-ups, which happen quite often and regularly. It needs to be fixed.

free four in a row game


The four in a row board game is an extremely simple game with quite charming content.  The game has been quite popular among those who like to keep themselves engaged. As it’s free, one just needs to download free four in a row game app from the App-store and relax while playing.

Download the App:

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Google Play Store
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App Store

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