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Nowadays, people have started to explore more than traveling. They have become more adventurous since the past decade, and therefore, opts more for trips which include, hiking, biking, mountain climbing, and many other such outdoor activities. Alltrails app is here to provide you with all the necessary information you require when you opt for any of such activities.

The app will provide you with the best hiking locations that are present in the vicinity of your area and will guide you to that place by its state-of-the-art GPS tracker. Moreover, you can even share your activity with your friends on social media platforms, as you can easily integrate the app with Facebook, Instagram, and others.

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Key features of Alltrails:

  • The app has some of the finest and the best collections of biking and hiking maps you will ever get.  Click on the search option and type the best hiking trails near me. You will be provided with all the hiking trails in the vicinity of your location.
  •  You are not sure about the route and are scared of losing the track of the hike. then you can simply turn on the GPS device of the app and follow the trail map.
  • Moreover, you can even customize the hiking locations. Like if you have someone who is a bit aged or is perhaps having some physical issues, or you may even try to explore a children-friendly trail, dogs trail, etc.

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The Alltrails app has encouraged a lot of young hikers to take up hiking in much more dangerous terrain. That too without having the fear of being lost or facing other troubles along the way. The app has the highest number of GPS hiking trails integrated into the system. Thus offering ample opportunities for those who have a passion for hiking and biking. The app has been extremely well received especially, in the North American continent (especially in the USA and Canada).

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