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timeshifterWhen you have to travel by flights to a different time zone, the chances are you will feel nausea, headache, and sleepiness for a few days. It’s commonly called the jet-lagged symptom. It is a very common problem, travelers face regularly. Timeshifter is one such app that helps the individual with proper guidance, about how you can tackle your health in such scenarios.

Please note:

The Timeshifter app will provide you only with all the detailed information on how you can take care of your body while being jet-lagged; it will help you to have a much constructive sleep pattern. Moreover, if you’re traveling from one continent to the other, the app will guide you to book tickets for specific international flights, which even though crosses time-zones, will not physically affect much even if you are jetlagged.

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Key features of Timeshifter:

  • The app deals with the unsettling symptoms of jet-lag in detail. It even provides you all the necessary information you need to understand the concept behind such a scenario.
  • The Timeshifter app has proved to be the most effective application while dealing with such an issue. It has demonstrated its mettle among international travelers. According to a survey,  people in the USA especially those who require traveling regularly, depend on this app.
  • Due to the early information, you can acclimatize to the alien condition faster.
  • Once you download this app, it irrelevant whether you are online or not, you will be receiving notifications 24×7.
  • The Timeshifter app has been developed with proper educational guidance from some top neuroscience experts. After measuring and calculating the average sleep pattern of various individuals.

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Timeshifter app reviews:

The app has been a real blessing to all those random international flyers. The health and the level of acclimatization do improve. Especially among those individuals who download this app and have followed all the procedures in detail. So don’t wait anymore, download this app and join the amazing global community of flyers who enjoys better and improved health conditions while traveling.

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Google Play Store


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