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So planning to pack your bags and go for a long drive this weekend? Well, then it’s better if you download the top road trip planner app, popularly known as Roadtrippers. Through this amazing app, you will be able to get all the necessary information available for the road trip, and the destination. The platform was specifically built for ideal backpackers, who just plan instantly and start their journey without thinking much.


how to plan a road trip

How to plan a road trip?

The app is free; therefore, you can just download the app from the Play store and explore various small shady cafes, and diners. You will also get the location of a lot of offbeat picturesque places through the pre-planer mode of this app. Hence, without any delay, plan a road trip now and drive to the exotic location while following the directions on the Roadtripper.

trip planner

road trip

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Key features:

  • The app is typically hand-made for the road trip route planners. Therefore, you will find all the offbeat as well as popular locations and eateries without any trouble.
  • The makers ensured the accessibility to help you find the location on the move, the app has been integrated with the modern GPS devices. This aids in finding a place faster and quicker, thus saving time.
  • You don’t need to worry about payment initially but after a certain point; you are required to upgrade the app to Roadtripper plus, to get much better locations and other new features.
  •  Can connect the amazing trip planner app with your smartphone devices and be guided on the go.

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plan a road trip

map out a trip

Verdict on the Roadtrippers app

The app has been simply a top-class for those who crave wanderlust, and since its emergence, it has made the search and explores options much easier and safer, especially, while traveling. The most unique feature of the road trip planner app is the integration of the state-of-the-art GPS device, which aids in giving proper direction to the traveler. So this winter, forget all your worries and plan your travel journey by downloading Roadtrippers, then sync it on your smart devices, and venture out without worrying about anything.

Download the App:

Google Play Store
Google Play Store
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App Store


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