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What’s happening in your country? What’s Trump is thinking about his next move on the political front? What are the thoughts of your favorite celebrities? To know all these, just download the infamous Twitter app. You will be able to find contemporary information and knowledge on Twitter. It covers every trending topic around the world. If something is happening at this moment, then be assured that it will be trending on Twitter.

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Advent and Popularity:

The Twitter app was first launched in the year 2006, and within just 6 years the app witnessed more than 100 million followers including high profile politicians and celebrities worldwide. It became the most visited app by 2013 and saw more people following Twitter in the next few years. Many refer to this epic app as the “SMS of the contemporary world of the internet”.

twitter app

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twitter online app download

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Key features of Twitter:

  • Tweeting:

The best part about this social media platform is the Tweets and Retweets. You can write whatever is there in your mind and can even comment on someone else’s tweet or if you like a tweet then you can simply click on the retweet option. Moreover, you can even start using hashtags (#) which will make your tweets more prominent, and more people can check on your tweet and follow you.

  • Twitter is free:

You don’t need to pay anything, as the Twitter app download is free. Just go to the play store and enjoy tweeting along with the celebrities and other high profile individuals.

  • Current News Update:

No matter where you are, Twitter will make sure that you get the most trending topics that have been taking place on that particular day in another part of the globe. Starting from movies, entertainment, politics, and war, it covers every sphere of the global order. The social media platform covers all sections and will give you a detailed in-depth analysis of those topics. Moreover, you can also check on other people’s profile, who keeps updating about top trending news topics of the day.

twitter app

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Going live:

Many celebrities and other VIPs have started to go for a live chat session with their fans. The Twitter app for iPhone and other devices also enables you to have a one on one live session with their favorite people or even post a video through Twitter about certain social and political issues.


Review of the Twitter app for android:

The development and the rise of Twitter have been a widespread revolution among the youth on a global scale. It has completely renovated how people used to unite and check on the daily trending news. The new state-of-the-art tactic of the Twitter app in providing current information about the things happening internationally through various tweets and videos has been a new lease of inspirational existence of this world and its people.

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