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The new Super Bino Go – new adventure game 2020 download game falls under the same family as the extremely successful Mario series. Ironically, the fame of this game has been simply extreme. Since it is available on the Appstore and Google play store, the game is a prompt hit among people of all ages globally. It garnered more than 3 million downloads in just a day and became one of the top 5 most demanding mobile online games of all time.


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Key features of superbino:

  • The Bino needs to jump from one island to the next, by defeating all the bosses on the particular island.
  • The game is very easy to use even though the content is a bit complex. The makers ensured that the game is suited for people of all ages.
  • It has exclusive high definition graphics thus making it extremely pleasing and thrilling for the player.
  • Bino is subscription-free, which means, you can download the game without worrying about any payment from the play store.
  • The game requires a proper data connection, hence before downloading just ensure you have a proper Wi-Fi network.
  • The animation quality of the game has been top-notch. It is extremely attractive and engaging for gamers.

superbino online game

superbino new adventure


  • Easy to play and understand the whole game.
  • Extremely engaging and a complete stress-buster.
  • Free of subscription.
  • The 3D graphics are quite a game-changer in this game.
  • Bino is simply the upgraded version of the popular Mario series, so it got instantly popular since its release, as the basis of the game was still the same.

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super bino go - new adventure game 2020 download


The new adventure game (Super Bino Go) has been very tantalizing and eye-catching for the performers due to its numerous nice-looking simulation and wonderful graphics quality. It has over three million gamers worldwide. The animatronics and the illustrations of HD quality have been a complete revolution when it comes to online games. Your task is plain and simple, just keep Bino running and collect the coins along the way.

Download the App:

Google Play Store
Google Play Store

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