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The last decade has been a witness to several popular social media platforms, and one of them is Instagram.  The IOS version of the Instagram for app store was launched in the year 2010 and due to its unique features and innovative content, it grabbed the attention of masses right away. It was new, innovative, creative, and a bit different from other social media platforms.

 The Instagram app android was launched a couple of years later. The app is all about uploading your favorite pictures and videos. It has been integrated with Facebook and since then it has made people feel the essence of capturing those moments and places they love.

Through Instagram, you can explore and venture out to the deepest corner of the globe, and see the pictures of some exotic and remote places of international destinations. According to the experts, since its inception in 2010 among the youth, the traveling of people has witnessed a massive spike, especially, to international and offbeat locations, and the app bears the sole responsibility for such a noble cause.

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Key features of Instagram:

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  • The Instagram app for iPad and other devices will only work if there is a proper data or Wi-Fi connection.


The emergence of Instagram has completely transformed the way people used to click pictures of a place or their loved ones. People have become more aware of the advantages of applying special effects. People, especially the young generation have started to realize the importance of capturing precious moments. The new high-tech features of the epic Instagram app in providing and sharing stunning images, creating short videos of various locations, food, places, and many others have been a game-changer in the life of every individual worldwide.

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